Wednesday, December 31, 2003.


cant believe its new year's eve already....tonight i'll be going with my dad to the empire thingy...hope it'll be fun...what should i wear?! (typical!) hopefully i'll see some ppl i know there...

got my results yesterday...a big relief and also kinda disappointed coz i got an might think i should be happy i passed...and i am but telling my dad i got an an E...*sigh*... i went with suzi and ct yesterday to UBD to check the results...saw a few friends there. After that i was in a happy mood...(suzi knows why! *wink*), went off shopping for a while...ct needed something for the empire thingy..there...someone i know already! :) then last night, went to my friend May's house for the potluck/bless thing...met some ppl i havent seen in yonks...our friend Daniel has an american accent so the girls were teasing him abt it...Dan is a day younger than me (random!) he's been my classmate since are we old...he's been in texas for the past three years...most of the others are in Oz or UK...just ches, me and shaherol stuck in Bru :) was surprised to see shaherol there...the smartie pants got something like ABBBC or something...kambang! :) stupid E.... :P

Wow...a whole year has come and gone...can remember thinking abt getting to this point in time at the beginning of this year, and how far it seemed...tomorrow begins a new year...leap year oh hey! :) i'd just like to say that this year, despite its ups and downs, i'm glad that i had my friends and the ppl i love around me. You guys mean a lot to me...if there ever was a time that i've ever hurt you or your feelings, i want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for all the love and support, and may the new year bring happier times and a whole lot more of good things!

Happy New Year! God bless!

Ying/Lor... LOL!

1:10 PM

Tuesday, December 30, 2003.


to mention...

on the 27th malam i went to an old friend's bday party...her parents run the BSC (Brunei Swimming Club) so her place has like two large pools...i've know Cheryl since we were thing i remember abt our childhood was that once in P2 i had to follow cheryl home from school (coz we had some sunday school practice in SAS hall)...that was the first time i had ever gone home with the last bell rings(530 pm)...we walk out to the front gates....and just keep walking...she walks, i walk...and i figured i walk, she walks...two little girls walking from SAS (opp. Pusar Ulak) sampai the mabohai shell station before we got picked up by some nice malay family who brought us to Cheryl's can imagine the scolding we got from Aunty Bel! (cheryl's mom) they were frantic with worry, driving around looking for us two monkeys...hahaha...the relatives were talking abt it for weeks! :) those were the days...anyway back to the party...if you've read ches' blog you would have known that half way thru, they started pushing ppl into the pool *yikes* i left rather early, coz i had THAT test the next day...the food was GOOD...i ate so many fried prawns...didnt care if my allergies acted up hahha tsk tsk tsk but was good to see a whole lot of ppl ive known since i was a little kid...

well anyway, im off to see if i can go get my results at uni...hope i did good! *fingers crossed* bye!!

12:16 PM

Monday, December 29, 2003.


kinda depressed right now as i didn't get to go watch LOTR...i knew i said i would go even if it was just me...but after getting word that i would be the only one there (except Hadi, but he would be there with his friends) i just suddenly lost all mood and decided (reluctantly) to stay home...indulge in self-pity :) my dad offered to go with me but knowing how he is with the weather (he doesnt like to go out when its raining) and with it being dark-clouds-and-impending-rain and all i just figured forget it...i'll prolly go tomorrow afternoon or something...which reminds me that i have a gathering at my friend's house tomorrow...a reunion of sorts for our friends who are home from maybe not...tomrrow is the only day left since its new year's eve the day after and the last day LOTR is showing is the 1st...just great...oh hey..maybe i'll go with my cousin when he gets back from HK...he planned to go on the 1st anyway...hmmm...

yesterday...i can't believe my last post was yesterday...i was thinking of posting but i kept putting it off so i felt like i had put it off for days....rupanya a day...aiyah...getting old... oh guess wat?? i started Legaia 2 and i love it :) I gave my characters the names of the original three in the first Legaia game :) nostalgic sikit laaa :) so far i think i'm only...15% halfway through...a long way to go which is good...the story is quite interesting...and the girl character is cute as the red-head in the first game...:) altho this new one can't talk...dunno why...

but anyway...enuff's hoping my results will be out soon (the suspense is too much to bear!)...and two more days to a whole new year....happy new year's! :)

9:38 PM

Sunday, December 28, 2003.

music: Beyonce feat Sean Paul-Baby Boy
Linkin Park-Somewhere I Belong

I'm happy coz the test is finally over...there were a few bumps here and there but im confident that i'll get at least a pass...but my dad also says that it is also up to them to approve so...yeah...ah well... i did what i could...i'd like to say thank you to my friends who helped me...being so patient with me when i called them out of panic to ask them something or rather... to suzi, monne and cikgu zaei ;) thanks guys... i love you! ;)

i suddenly feel so relaxed altho esuk the exam results will most probably be published..sure die one that...really hoping i passed with good enuff results or else my dad will complain...ahhhhh a D or E is inevitable but to my dad i shouldn't be getting those kinda grades...i'm no genius man...aiyah thinking of it now tambah tia stress.... :(

tomorrow i plan to watch the final installment of LOTR... i've called some ppl but none have confirmed with me...whether alone or in a group, i am determined to watch it...i want my LEGOLAS!! hahaha! one of my friends who watched it just this friday mentioned to me that the moment Legolas appeared on-screen, you could hear all the girls in the cinema go *sigh* hahaha...funny...wat is it abt him that's so....i dunno...i dunno how to describe it...all i know is that he's a your heart out!! lol..and he's not gay ok?? :) only jeles guys will say that *wink*

okie take care all...byeeee!!! *dreaming abt Legolas*...*sigh* ;)

12:15 PM

Thursday, December 25, 2003.


Merry Christmas everyone! and a Blessed New Year!

Woke up late today...didnt go for christmas mass this morning as i was in late last eve service last night actually ended before went quite well...after the singing, the six girls had to change for the dance...we were rushing like mad with no one to help us put on our "wings" except for ourselves and by the time we got the candles lit and we were ready by the aisle we were sweating like anything...after the dance, we went out onto the streets and attached bookmarks to the windshield wipers of every car in the neighbourhood...atu lagi tah sweat... walking around in my heels, jeans and a sweater-type of back, did the closing song...wished everyone a merry christmas..and that was that

today i have two open houses to go at my friend's house, Joana (the girl with me in my display pic on MSN) and another at uncle alex keasberry's place...honestly tho, i don't really know who uncle alex is...i only know the face hahaha...ches should's his family... :) seriously tho, they should be called a clan..they could even make up a small city...they're THAT big...:) ok too much rambling...

hopefully i'll get to go to miri soon...have to shop for CNY baju...and my step mom will leave for manila dad and i will remain as we dont have the finances for all of us to go back...quite sad coz i wanna see ryan (the one with leukemia) and the rest of the time perhaps...

i still need help with my malay...any willing volunteers? :) ok...once again Merry Christmas everyone!!

luv and hugs...

11:22 AM

Wednesday, December 24, 2003.


another blog and i can't think of a title :) i'm actually bored at the moment...i was gonna play PS2 with my cuz when i realized i have to go out dad wants to take me christmas shopping for a new dress to wear tonight and tomorrow :) yay!

yesterday i saw my neighbour/cousin...his hair is the same colour as his basketball! (random!)

these holidays have been kinda...dull? i dunno..they seem to be going pretty fast tho...if im not watching TV, then im on the comp...or i'm playing PS2...i should have started on Legaia 2 (since i liked Legend of Legaia and finished it all by myself) :)...but my cuz says payah...hmmm...and he's playing FF X-2 now which i have never got...i tried FF8 dulu and i tell you i got soooo confused...junctions and all many things laa..i think i should try it at least i can tell ppl i played FF :) ppl esp guys are amazed i play RPGs...i played wild arms yonks ago, but never liked part 2 or 3...and then...L.of Legaia which was my fave and others that i never finished (only coz my saved data got erased!) right now, my cuz and i are on Dynasty Warrior 4...very violent waaannn :) fighting fighting fighting...and ninja turtles too :) (somebody's favourite tuuu) and one more thing abt RPGs...i HATE those instances where you're walking and suddenly the screen breaks up and ta-daaa...FIGHT TIME!! eesh...esp when i'm like in a maze trying to get out or onto something big and then suddenly have to fight...random lagi tu...ahhhh!! and i remembered when the abovementioned cousin used to play resident evil a loong time ago...i was watching him play at his house and i got so freaked out by the zombies and likas that i didnt even dare to walk home in the dark! (he lives two houses down!) :) LOL

ok i better go get!!!!! :) take care all!

1:12 PM

Tuesday, December 23, 2003.


just got home from practice for christmas eve service tomorrow...i can't sing my part ahhh!! its so high!! i have to like "visualize" and then project my voice...wah sound so pro eh :)

just yesterday it was the last chinese festival of the not sure of the name but i call it the winter festival...rough translation...the next festival is CNY which will be on the 22nd of next month...

im kinda stressed and upset now...coz my dad was going on and on abt the test...he sat for it a few years back so he's like telling me all the stuff that will come out and i'm so sick with worry and soooo depressed....its christmas and i have to study...and i FEEL like there's no one i can turn to except suzi...notice i said FEEL...what i feel may not be the truth but thats what i feel now anyway...i dont want to fail and then again im angry coz i feel that its unfair for me to sit for this test...*sigh*........

10:39 PM



i need help!! i just received a letter today telling me that i have to sit for the citizenship test this abt last minute information! my malay is so crappy now i think i'm gonna dad says there's a lot of hello? the last time i did that was four years ago...ahhh! and the only thing i can remember is...err....nothing?! ahhh!!! and then i have to write two essays!! and then i have to know all those titles in the royal family...ahhh!!!

i'm actually in between two emotions right now...happy that i get to sit the test so i can get it over with and hopefully get my yellow ic...another is...i dunno...anger? i find it stupid that i have to sit for this test because by birthright i'm a mom is yellow, my mums family is yellow, my dad's family is yellow...its just me and my dad...cruel twist of fate...i find it a bit degrading in a personal sense for a "real" bruneian to have to go through this kind of thing, you know?

well, anyway...something else on my mind...a friend informed me that it is a sin for Muslims to celebrate Christmas so i can't give them presents...i would just like to ask if it's a sin to RECEIVE presents on Christmas....if i give them presents it doesnt mean that THEY are celebrating right? I am the one giving so I am celebrating right? Its the same with Chinese New guys dont celebrate it but i if you come to my house, can we give you ang pow? (red packet) I'm not angry here..just merely trying to state my point...however if you do feel strongly about it, by all means let me know...i just feel that because its christmas, i want to give my friends something even if they don't celebrate show how much they mean to me...what can i say? i'm a big softie for the holidays...but seriously, if you get offended by me giving you a simple gift then let me know...i dont want to cause you to stumble...

ok take care all :)

12:50 PM

Sunday, December 21, 2003.


four days to Christmas and counting...i'm getting into the Christmas spirit despite the lack of "feeling" in this place...reminds me once again why we celebrate Christmas :) Started Christmas i know how those ppl who do last minute gift-shopping feel :) although there are no big crowds here, i still feel the strain of trying to get all my pressies bought and wrapped by the far i've got three i bought last night...i will go out again later to get some more...i have yet to post Christmas cards! ahhhh!!! The 2 probs i have with pressies now are:

1) guys are SO hard to shop for
2) Brunei isn't exactly the greatest place to shop for stuff

It's not easy deciding who gets pressies and who doesnt...i would love to get everyone something but my budget can't fit everything! If only i was in Makati now...*sigh* I could buy at least 5 times more there with B$100 (P 3000) than here...even Miri would be good enough :) I've been wearing out my NSync Christmas CD (thats the only one i got!) listening to all the Christmassy songs and feeling pretty happy abt the season...:)

You know wat? Christmas is so over-commercialized that ppl have lost the true meaning of Christmas...Christmas trees and mistletoe and santa and snow and decorations and presents...not that i don't enjoy those...but that's not what Christmas is all all the rush of making the season perfect, we forget why we celebrate Christmas...the birth of Christ..the greatest present we could ever receive..from God to us...

so, to all my friends celebrating this joyous time...take the time to just stop and give thanks for the gift God gave us...Jesus Christ...A blessed Christmas to all and a joyous new year!

3:33 PM

Friday, December 19, 2003.


can't think of a suitable title for my post today...just woke up so my brain has yet to catch up :) been waking up at 12 everyday...i actually wake up abt 7...but my bed feels so cosy and comfy i just let myself doze back to sleep again :) last night my frens, ches, ting and sharon, and i went to another friend's was her bday yesterday...her name's nurezzya but we call her eez (ee-eez)

we expected a normal house...we got a MANSION...literally..the house was HUGE...she took us on a tour and man...i wish that was my house..ches counted FOUR living rooms...there was a movie room with a huge poster of the Hulk (the huge pop out kinds you get at empire) and it was like wood panelling was cool coz many of the walls were actually a sliding door, so the rooms look pretty clean and tidy coz you dont see so many doors...i liked her two brothers' rooms best...they were on the third floor and had a loft kinda feeling..walk-in closets and toilets hidden by a "wall" :) nice... if that was my house...i'd have like sleepovers ALL the time...invite the youth...invite my movies in the movie need to go empire waaat!? :) did i mention the mom's toilet? its ten times better than a hotel toilet! it has a hot tub and a normal shower and the design was like i in Brunei!? i think empire kinda makes you feel that way too... ok...enuff abt toilets..

Oh an interesting fact..eez is Fifi's cousin..second i think...there...that's all i could think of :)...okie time to get out of my jammies! :) bye!

12:11 PM

Tuesday, December 16, 2003.


just got home from a waffles-and-icecream date with my hunny rach...we fed our cravings and were rendered speechless by the goodness of the culinary delight....yeah whatever :) seriously tho, we both had cravings for it and felt that we HAD to go out and get it tonight :) and just when we went to the gym too...all those calories we lost in the workout, we gained them back again :) havent exercised in so long...not feeling sore tho which is good...

z keeps contradicting me he says this colour scheme and layout is nice...tapi in my chat box he says otherwise...
so pandai ah...tipu to me...grrrrr.... i dunno if the rest have seen this...i wanna change it soon since SOMEBODY says its so silau *looks pointedly at Z* you waaaaaaiiiiiitttttttt......

i have nothing else to post at the mo 'cept that i sound better today yay! still very husky (sexy waaaat) but im starting to sound like me again! :) i wanna go christmas shopping soon...anyone want to come with? okie nite nite!

10:22 PM

Monday, December 15, 2003.


didnt get to post anything yesterday as i got home late....yesterday was our last day of was team got two for rats and rabbits and another for golden turkey....i dunno why they didnt give us the trophy for tiga kaki...i think because there was no other position besides the first (which was us) :)...but i saw them took the trophy away from the stage so...ah well....earlier in the day, we were actually leading in the points but after the last game, purple and green were tied for first the two teams had to perform our cheer again...we edited ours and its much longer...and then after both teams did their one could decide which was better...although we thought the green one was more organised and less messy...hey, even my dad thought so! :) so we had one more competition in which a representative from each team had to juggle a soccer ball..our kid had no chance against a big kid from purple so the challenge trophy went to the purple team :( its ok i guess...the kids had fun...our medals were given to us by the former national soccer coach...while the purple medals were given by the Phillipines Ambassador to Brunei...who incidentally was wearing purple too....(heeeyyyy!!!!) :) I forgot her name although it often comes out in the BB...

the singapore team is leaving today...and i think the NZ team has already left...this wednesday we have a makan at the fake coffee bean so im looking forward to that KG is over i have nothing to do at home except watch cantonese series on tape :) oh and one more thing...yesterday for lunch we had....guess....yup....CHICKEN! hahaha...this time it was from Ayamku :) when i got home yesterday, i cut up a whole carrot in slices and ate it up and today i ate more veggies...havent had a decent meal of veggies in ages it seems! :)

got a mail from suzi saying that she misses us...made me miss my frens even more...*sigh* i'm actually worried now...exam results....ahhhh....wonder when it will come out...*frown* ok...wanna watch my tapes! :) take care guys!

GO GREEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!! ;)

3:20 PM

Saturday, December 13, 2003.


today i woke up and couldn't recognize my own voice...yes, ba_fly sounds like a frog croaking...toad? i dunno...i just sound horrible...although at times i think i sound kinda sexy teehee...i can't sing tho so that's like a if you call me and you hear a weird voice...don't slam down the phone ok? it's just me hahahaha :)

today was another long day (no duh!) games was fun...we played this game that was supposed to be called rats and rabbits and ended up with a game name...:) basically, each team goes against the other four and they stand in an area back to back...and then the leader will call out a colour and the colour team he calls will have to catch the other team and get their coloured scarfs (which they have attached to the back of their shorts/pants) was funny to watch as the kids would react to their colour being called out by running to home base instead of's just a mind thing :)

and then because of the rain, we didnt exactly play our golden turkey game...we had a throwing game involving the kids to throw stuff into pails...the further the basket the more points you get...and can you believe kids got five in the nearest basket and one in the furthest for a total of 150 pts...yay! the highest was 160 and that was the purple team seniors...after that they played the "turkey" game which involved them catching the youth who were tied up (the turkeys) :) today's lunch menu was.....sweet and sour fish..yay! for break it was burgers....mmmm :) and dinner we had...*drumroll*...CHICKEN!! hahaha! ah well! tomorrow will be the longest (and last) day of kidsgames, 2003...i will be there from 8am to 10pm...i have a long day ahead of me so...i think i should go get some shut's hoping the green team wins something!!! :) nite guys!

9:49 PM

Friday, December 12, 2003.


Day 3 at we played colour tag which involves the kids to form a human chain and catch others from different colour teams and then the ppl caught would join the chain...didn't go that well as the kids would run off in different directions and the chain would break, causing all the "games personnel" to run around and bring them back together...lots of injuries especially for the 10-12 yr olds who played separately from the 7-9 yr olds...ouch...
in the afternoon we played kayu tiga (they called it tiga kaki and i was like waaattt???) hehehe the older and younger kids were separated again and guess what? My green team juniors actually managed to build the slippers and we were the ONLY team to do so with 7 out of 12 of the kids remaining in the enclosure! Yay! The kids were sooo happy and were high-fiving and jumping up and down in glee :) cute little things...

the menu for the past few days has been chicken, chicken and chicken...*groan* i didnt know there were so many ways to cook chicken...fried, kicap, honey, sesame fried....many of the kids today couldnt stomach more chicken the poor things...i dunno where they cater from but i think its from Big Papa's (we suspect...) but tonight...the Youth and helpers had fish *hallelujah!* sweet and sour mmmm :)

today i was a bit sad as my frens went visiting today..and i wished i could have gone...but the rest of the day, the kids took up my energy and concentration so i had no time to think abt it...oh, i just thought i'd type our team cheer which we will present on sunday night...

Go green (uu-hah-hah)
We're the best (uu-hah-hah)
We will win (uu-hah-hah)
And beat the rest (uu-hah-hah)
Goooooooo green!!!!!

The words were thought of by yours truly ;) and the uu-hah-hah is from Finding Nemo (inspiration from KG Day 1) know the part where they give Nemo a new name...Sharkbait...uu-hah-hah!heheheh watch that part to know what i mean...okie tired...nite guys! thanks for reading!

9:33 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2003.

music: Dream- He Loves U Not

another day at kidsgames...not as tired today as yesterday. The kids today were better behaved and easier to handle :) in my opinion, the kids in the green team are actually quite organised and well-behaved (puji my group sikit laaa) :) we had fun games today...we had like a penalty shoot-out with each kid having three tries to shoot through the goal...and then we had this water bomb game involving the kids throwing water bags at some of the youth who were holding large cardboard for the kids to throw the games were called "accuracy kicks, accuracy throws"...yesterday it was javelin (using cardboard tubes) and obstacle course (running through a maze of raffia string, and if you touch the string, water bags come raining down on ya!) :) we also had poison ball today before lunch(dodgeball to some of you...) i cant remember wat we played yesterday mind's all muddled up :)

my ubd frens have registered to obtain their exam results via sms...i prefer to save myself from that agony and torture by not registering hahaha....i dont want an sms to come with my results while im on holiday (hopefully in manila)...spoiler eh... it will seriously spoil my mood (and bring doomsday even CLOSER!) ;) i have yet to feel like im on holiday, maybe coz i'm busy the whole day with KG...i feel kinda sad coz i will miss the open house at Maz and Rash tomorrow...sorry guys...i would be there if i could, but i can't so i'm time sajalah...thanks for inviting me anyway...and you can come over to my place masa CNY :) alright guys...take care...luv and hugs...nite

9:57 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2003.


v.v. tired right now...just got home from a day long program involving kids running around and making noise and making sure they behave and listen to you and have fun too.....:) KidsGames 2003, BSB officially started today with a march-in of the team colours, the national flag, and the torch run (like olympics ahhhh) :) then we had opening prayer, national anthem...apa lagi ah....oh yeah...welcoming address....and the kidsgames songs with love to dance :)

im in the green group and we have a bunch of adorable kids from five different churches and a multitude of schools...we have helpers from the Diocese of Waikato in NZ, Church of Christ Our Saviour, Singapore, and St Margaret's, Seria, including those from the five churches...Kidsgames is basically a program for kids...they compete in games and sports...are taught lessons with reference to the Bible (our curriculum is based on Joseph) and basically...have fun! :) its really with two other youth in charge of the 7-9 year olds (curriculum) for the green team...the 10-12s are managed by three others...the kids are so cute...but some are really naughty :) ppl today have come up to me many times and told me that they would NEVER want to be my kids! hahaha (ganassss!!!) hehehe what??? im nice :) today is just the first day....this will carry on til sunday...and end with a closing ceremony on the night of the last day...we would have presentations etc etc...

sounds like mini olympics huh? for the youth we start at basically 830am to 830 being the first day....payah kan stay awake hahaha by lunch time most of us were sleepy-eyed and wishing we could just sleep in the air-conditioned video room (the kids were watching Finding Nemo during the break) well, beat...i'll update as much as i can...i dunno if anyone is REALLY interested in all this but im typing this just in case :) oh, to find out a general description of kidsgames go to ok ppl....byeeee!!!

9:01 PM

Sunday, December 07, 2003.


today was a busy busy day...i woke up quite early to go to church as i was doing back-up for Ches who was leading praise and worship...oh, and he's 21 today! Happy Birthday Ches! *hugs* its your turn now muahaha! :) and then after that, went home to rest for a while, changed and then went off for a meeting at FCTS (flying colours tution school)...i will be teaching there starting Jan, and tentatively, i will be teaching F1 F2 English, F4 F5 Combined Science and P5-F1 science...something like that lah...not confirmed yet but a bit freaky...when the lady was telling me i was like....wah! so many ah!?!? :) hehehe...

and then after the meeting i had to wait for Suzi to pick me up...she was late :) but anyway, we squeezed into her tiny car...and went to Lenny's place...which btw is in Kg Air...aiyoh...the bridge scares me...childhood phobia was a scream fest...:) the ppl who were there all looked good...suzi, rash, haz, sein, zaei, zamil, maz, naveena, ams and shah...with another of suzi's fren and her younger sister...big group :) lenny was pretty in a pink baju...lawaaaaa....
i refused to sit in suzi's car after that, not only coz she's a scary driver but also it wouldnt be very comfy sitting in that tiny car with all of us packed and squashed behind like a tin of sardines (it wasn't just your driving maci! :)) anyway, after that we went to hadi's place...ate and took loads of pics...very gila lah we all....taking photos non-stop...models... :) somebody looked good today (random!) okie...fingers tired...but i must, especially the time i spent visiting with my friends has got to be one of the happiest days i've had this year...i love you guys :) (awww shucks) :) thank you suzi, hussein and zaei capi for driving me hehehe.... nite all!

8:59 PM

Monday, December 01, 2003.

Mood: SASAK!!!

Haven’t blogged in a while-exams are here…just wanted to get something off my chest before I head back to my books…

To all the guys out there…if you have a girl…and if she’s my friend and you cheat on her…there will be HELL to pay… I’m so angry with what my friend told me tadi…it seems that my friend’s FIANCE who is studying in UK has been cheating on her…what makes me even angrier is the fact that this girl KNEW he was engaged and planning to wed next year! He would call her at least 5 hours a day…LONG DISTANCE mind you! And she expressed NO remorse or regret whatsoever when my friend confronted her. My friend then told this girl to call the guy up and act normal…and she goes on all lovey dovey…calling him “hubby” and saying “I love you” in front of my friend… and when my friend took the phone and said hello, the coward hung up. He refuses to break the engagement, but I say to my friend “good riddance to bad rubbish”(this is not the first time he cheated on her! The jerk!). This girl, by the way, is a junior in UBD (SHBIE)…all I can say to her is that she’d better watch her back, coz what goes around comes around…ketulahan…eeessshhh…sasak ku brabis…when I find out who she is, she will wish she never messed with me or my friends…grrrrrrr….
:) ok enough anger for today….phew…..hope I didn’t scare any of you..then again…I hope I did :)

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