Wednesday, March 23, 2005.


Woah...just realised a whole lot of people have suddenly popped back into the world of blogging...i mean you, NISA, MONNE and SEIN! LOL Welcome back! And to Shah and Atul...ntah baru kah..atau lama udah, masa ani saja ku tau...well, give them some love, ppl, and visit their blogs ;) (do i get any commission guys??) LOL

Uni life has been a bit hectic lately (on account of my professional procrastinating) :P but so far, I'm up to date on my work (just barely lah but stiiiiilll!!) hehe... Lots of pressure to finish up on my dissertation when I'm as lazy as a cow...sloth? Whichever...

Youth Camp has come and gone...I wasn't really there much (like the last camp)so a bit disappointing...but it's good to see the youth having their fun and experiencing God's work in their lives...pretty cool lah...

Uh...brain block...outta things to talk abt...really tired... PPL!! I LOST 4 KILOS! (kambang laaaaa) :) hehehe


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Wednesday, March 02, 2005.


woah...time sure flies ey? It's already March... Just an update for now...Lessee...

I was sick for half of February (and still am) :P Had a headache that lasted about six days...and a cough that has persisted for the past three weeks... *koff koff* A funny thing happened when I went to the clinic in my area... A female doctor attended to me and our conversation went something like this...

Doctor: So what's the problem?
Me: I have a headache that has lasted for three days...first time ku cemani ah (malay doctor tuuu) :P
Doctor: How old are you?
Me: I'm 22
Doctor: Kau ada batuk2 or selesma? Paning kah? Or muntah2?
Me: I've been coughing...
Doctor: Ah... when was ur last menses?
Me: *shocked* err...January?
Doctor: Hmm...mana tau ah...maybe kau pregnant *big wide smile* Brapa anak udah?
Me: *even more shocked look* Eh!? I don't have! *thinks..."indakan aku ani nampak cam mother!!"*
Doctor: Ohh! Single-mingle!!


Basically I was in shock...what kinda question is that!? How many kids do I have!? Do i look some baby factory!? Shhhheeeesssh! Hahaha! Later on I found out that some of my friends have been asked similar questions in their visits to the doctor...waaaah!

I'm also on semester break right now for a week...quite relishing the late mornings ;) However, I've joined this badminton tournament thing in UBD with a group of friends... Our matches are at night so my nights are gonna be busy...Had a match today which was kinda upsetting because we's ok...Tomorrow we'll kick some badminton butt ;) Hehehe

Lotsa stuff happening as well in my life...bad and good...but I'm happy right now at this point in my life ;) I am where I wanna be, I am with the people I wanna be with, and I am doing what I wanna do (of course nothing bad laaa) ;)

Rach: Darling I really miss you...I really hope I get to see you soon... I miss our girlie talks and our waffle-and-ice cream-with-nachos trips :) Take care alright? Love u *hugs* <3<3<3

Kim: I hope you find your cats!!! I really do! *hugs*

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