Wednesday, February 09, 2005.


Hi everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Hope you guys get loadsa ang-paus and eat til your tummies burst! LOL!! I had a good first day today, not many visitors, but still tired nonetheless... Went to just one house today, so my day was mostly spent at home...I gotta STOP eating! It's like, there's food EVERYWHERE in the house! O_o Everytime I walk past the living room, I just can't help but have a little munchie here, a little munchie there...Lagipun, we have TWO living rooms! *groan*

Attended a wedding just last week... my abg.Kasbul got married...and it was the first time I got to wear matching baju kurung with all my female relatives :) My cousin and his wife looked really good :) Took some pics with them, and if I have the time, I might post them up here. The wedding was also kinda bittersweet, as it was held exactly a month after my aunt passed away. My abg would cry from time to time, I guess from thinking about his mom. This served to only reduce the rest of our family (esp the women) to tears... But, all in all, it was a good wedding :)I'm really happy for them ;)

Other than that, my week has been ok... I actually have MOT(method of teaching) Chemistry on Saturday(2 hours) and Monday (1 hour) *mutter mutter* when in fact, all classes have been cancelled for those two days due to some seminar *mutter mutter* Argh! I have half the mind not to go to Monday's alang-alang eh...GRRRRR... Saturday I have to go coz we're carrying out peer assessment :P

Alright, I'm off...getting tired from looking at the screen...

GONG XI FA CAI to one and all!!

10:09 PM

Monday, February 07, 2005.


For me, the best thing about driving is being able to pop a cd in the player, turn the volume way up and sing along to the songs :) Today as I was coming home from the gym, some guy had his radio turned on loud and it happened to be playing a song by Mariah the kiasu type that I am (this is actually not very often *wink*), I took out my CD holder from the glove compartment (while I was driving BUT with one hand on the wheel ok??LOL), found the CD I wanted and played it...*sigh* Mariah Carey is the best! (fanatic banar niiii) keh keh keh...

I was actually listening to her Charmbracelet album by the way, and on the fifteen minute journey home, I managed to squeeze in a song that I liked but had forgotten about :) I also managed to catch a song that had really nice words...the chorus goes...

You brighten up the moon and stars at night
You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky
You bring new meaning to my life now
I believe in miracles baby I'm forever yours, yours


I got chocolate today ;) A nice one :) And I'm gonna play badminton! LOL haven't played in ages...hope i don't embarass to a work tonight *groan*

5:50 PM

Tuesday, February 01, 2005.


700+ words for an essay in one hour...Goes to show that anything can be accomplished when you have the determination :P However, procrastinating is something I have yet to give up. After all, what kind of student would I be if i didn't procrastinate? ;)
As glad as I am that one 1000-1200 word essay has been completed, I still have ANOTHER essay to finish up...the hardest decision is not what I should write in my essay but whether I should put it off or start it tomorrow LOL Decisions, decisions, decisions :)

11:38 PM


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