Tuesday, October 10, 2006.


Atul, Janet, Rashidah, Laurice and Bex (miss u!!!!)who all managed to squeeze in belated birthday greetings :) thanks guys :) *hugs*

Today I was supposed to take Joel out for lunch but then my car battery decided to go flat on me and so I was stuck at home for the whole afternoon. I'm so sorry Joel! Have gotten a brand new battery for my car (the old battery was,after all, two years old!) so my Sunny is up and running-hooray!

Right now, my eyes are really tired and heavy, but out of sheer determination (or stubborness, whichever), I'm keeping them wide and open. Why? I have absolutely no idea! Well, I AM on the laptop, but I could log off and sleep, but I don't want to. Too tired to sleep if that makes any sense. Urgh, long day tomorrow. Maybe I should get some shut-eye... -_- zzzzz Nites!

10:30 PM

Monday, October 09, 2006.


Hallo guys! Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those who remembered my bday. Just want to say thank you to those who have wished me, sent me an SMS/ecard or called me up...

From those overseas:
My biao-jies Yunn (old lady) and Fen, Aminath, Denise, Stephen, Mei (Jocelyn), Suraina, Mona, Ches and Cait (stinky! love u!) :)

From those here:
Daddy, A. Judith, Zaei, Kit, Joel (lunch soon, boss), Zamil, Suzi, Sonia, Zaana, Ching Yee, Rizal, Chel, Rach(miss you!), Sarah Tay, Faddie(T-man), Teck (Andrew! hehe), my cousins Leing, Zeing and Chai and my aunt, and Shahrin (ahah!). To Sonia and Zaei, thanks for the presents :) both skirts somemore! :)

To Form 1G who sang to me hehehe embarassing! and to my other students who wished me :)

To Sophia who remembered and gave me a really funny card :)

To Shu Yee, Elaine, Ashley, Sharon, Boon Chin, Dinul and Kim for the birthday testimonials at Friendster :)

Happy birthday also to Shu Vun and Nick Lim, if they ever get to see this :)

To anybody I might have forgotten who did wish me, do know that every wish I got made me smile, including yours :) *hugs*

Thanks guys for making turning older a little easier :) Love you!

5:45 PM

Monday, October 02, 2006.


Yesterday was the SAC Missions Possible Treasure Hunt. The afternoon saw 40 teams battling out to complete the hunt, using wit, lots of petrol and a whole load of reference materials! :) My team was designated as Team 25 and there were five of us- Me(driver and speed demon), Jocelyn (Navigator and Easy Way expert), Nikki, Grace and Sarah (the thinkers/answer hunters/problem solvers/screaming passengers) :P LOL We had a great afternoon and I think it was a HUGE success!! Having never joined any NBT treasure hunts or the like, it was a shocker when they announced we were in SECOND place! WOOHOOO!! (I told them it was my "smart" day) Hehe... We won a Sony DSC-S600 Digi Cam (which we will sell and divide the money) :) You know what? I feel smart LOL

Other than that, the past three weeks have been busy with all the moving we've had to do. I still have some stuff in the old house and have yet to sleep in the new house :)Missed school today as I couldn't wake up in time- felt sick and sore. I think the past three weeks have compounded into one achy lady on a dreary Monday morning *groan* Alright I'm off... oh and did I mention there's wireless at this new place? Lovin' it! :)

9:06 PM


Name: Lorene Anne DOB: 091082 Location: BSB Nick:ba_fly/ying


:: Caroline
:: Chang Huei
:: Ches
:: Chloe, Caleb n Cayley
:: Hann
:: Grace
:: Joel
:: Kim
:: Laurice
:: Leing
:: Nicole
:: Nikki
:: Ping
:: Ron
:: Stephen aka Boss
:: YDM




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