Saturday, October 30, 2004.

I'M BACK! :)

a bit annoyed as i typed a really long blog only to have it vanish without a trace into cyber space *sob*

been MIA for a while...been busy with assignments and reports...they're piling up due to professional procastinating :) my lost blog had some serious stuff that i had to share about...but since i lost it, i don't have the mood to be serious all over again (being serious can be quite tiring u know...) :)

anyway, going online now is pretty easy coz my new handy dandy laptop detects wireless network connections and it just so happens that someone has one in my area so i surf for FREE at 12mbps no less :) whoever it is that i'm "stealing" from....i do feel bad but...THANK YOU still heheheh!!

White Chicks is a must-see everybodeeeee!!! *random*

off to get ready for YDM...check out our blog at youthdiscipleshipministry

2:23 PM


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