Sunday, March 11, 2007.


That's about all I took this year... no pics of me in my new clothes... just a pic of me receiving the first of many ang paus from my cousin-in-law hehehe and one of us three cousins having a slumber party at my place :)


Feb 18: Zeing! Sorry late lah... i haven't updated my blog for a loooong time k? But anyway, I know u had a good time during ur belated bday celebration :) Be good and get a license quick :) Heart!

Updates from me... I've been super busy lately, what with juggling three separate jobs (all teaching, just different places) and having just a really full schedule... This week I took a bit of a time out and just had a bit of "me" time... which just basically meant I got to sleep and just relax :) This past two weeks especially have been exhausting and life-draining... on top of the crazy schedule, the drowning and subsequent demise of one of our SAS students really shook the whole school and resulted in an eerily subdued staff and student body. On a more comforting note, we know she is in heaven with God, at peace and free from pain. Out of this tragedy, we also rejoice because her family has come to know the Lord as well so Praise God! We may never understand the workings and will of God but rest assured, He IS in control.

To Lynn and Eddy, who finally got married.. CONGRATULATIONS! Semoga hidup bahagia and many many kids and cucu next time :) Hehe!
Ok guys... I'm off! Have great week ahead!
R.I.P. Vivian Chow (17 Feb 1995-9 Mar 2007)

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Name: Lorene Anne DOB: 091082 Location: BSB Nick:ba_fly/ying


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