Thursday, February 18, 2010.


Never really understood why people would spend hours surfing the net until I started it myself. Youtube, Google (my FAVOURITE), Gmail (just staring at my inbox in the hopes that an incoming mail pops up!) Facebook, blog hopping.... the web is a plethora of information and random stuff!

Saw this under some heading called The Christian T-shirt Hall of Shame.

...which I thought wasn't THAT lame until I read the following comment below it...

"The creators went with this design after rejecting "Jesus is my Friendster" and "Jesus: Is your Face in His Book?"

And I just cracked up :)

Other than that, been on YouTube just watching videos of random stuff like parodies and Miley stuff (sorry people, I really do think she's quite good!), and downloading Heroes and Naruto and HIMYM...and Bleach. I just LOVE unlimited internet access!

Health wise, I'm doing better now. Was sick for about two months. Seen the doctor four times (private twice, govt twice) and got a whole lotta meds. It really bugged me that they never gave me antibiotics (you know, to prevent the bugs from developing resistance) 'til my last visit, when I told the bored-looking, plastic-draped, mask-wearing doctor that I had been sick since December. He just gave me this "look" and prescribed me Paracetemol (typical!) Actifed and...tada! ANTIBIOTICS! Which I tell you now SERIOUSLY helped me get over this crazy flu and cough. From time to time I get a little cough attack and a bit of phlegm (ew.. TMI!), but the flu is more or less GONE! Praise God! It's been a tiring two months, being sick, especially with people giving me "looks" and comments like

"Ooooh, you must be pregnant!" and

"Aaaahhhh... pregnant kah?"

Like seriously, people... I'm sniffing and coughing my head away and all you can say is "You must be pregnant!!!!" Can't I be just sick? :( Can't I cut my hair without people telling me its the "mummy hair" aka "getting ready for pregnancy" hair?? (married woman ranting at the moment!)

Ok rant over :) Haha!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

END! :)

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