Tuesday, November 20, 2007.


Ok, I do not have a post related to that title, but I thought it was catchy haha! Was just catching up on other people by reading their blogs. You know that there's something lacking when you have to "catch up" with them by checking out their blogs/friendster/facebook/myspace! Then again, most blogs have diverted from "daily ramblings" to "thoughful insights" and "pearls of wisdom", so not only are you getting a good old dose of "catch up" but also a slightly more personal look at someone's thoughts for the day. Hmmm, NOW my post is related to my title! :)

Anyway, just some updates for people who actually do read this...

1. St. Andrew's School's Speech Day: 25th November 2007, 1 pm (1:30pm?)at the
school hall

2. St. Andrew's School's Nativity Play will be on the 26th of November 2007
(presumably at 7pm) at the school hall

3. St. Andrew's School's Fun Fair from 27th November onwards at the school field
(open to public-morning to afternoon)

4. St. Andrew's School's Seniors' Nite (Prom) on 28th November 2007 at The
Empire Hotel and Country Club 7-11pm

5. Early heads up: St. Andrew's School Golden Jubilee
Celebration, 12th April 2008, check out the website i'll put it up here
when I get it :)

Phew... Off to bed for me! Have a terribly scratchy throat, a running nose and a slight fever...I can feel my bed calling me... Night!

PS Congratulations to my big God-brother Justin on his wedding :) teng-teng-teng-teng!! (Wedding march tune ok? not the classical music one... Mozart?)

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