Wednesday, September 14, 2011.


As of late, a lot of people have been tying the knot. Due to my lack of chinese-ness :P I was duly informed of the significance of weddings around this time. Apparently it is good to get married after the "Hungry Ghost Festival", which obviously led to discussions of weddings, dresses, budget, invitations (as in, were you invited to so-and-so's wedding?)...and it got me thinking about my dress...

I would definitely say it was a MIRACLE that I got my dress for free. It was not a design that flattered my body type, nor was it the ideal wedding dress in my mind, but you know, if God hands it to you, work with it :) I lost so much weight just to fit that dress (which the smartypants tailor adjusted too loose because I looked like a fatty to him!), and then realizing that I had lost too much because it was falling off me!(its been two years and I can still fit it...very kambang, me:))

I honestly do not know how much that dress cost, but "experts" say its between the 4-5k know, with the lace and beads and crystals...and stuff... (I say "experts" because they were just my aunties...who I must say can be quite "chun" when it comes to guessing the price of stuff). Also I found out from trawling the Internet that dresses from the boutique my dress was from rent out at about 3k each and above! That's just rent :S

Today, I will surrender my dress to my mother-in-law, praying that the person she told me would buy it WILL buy it. People have asked me to keep it for my daughter in the future... seriously?? I don't think it could last that long in this humidity and climate! So as an ode to the dress... the dress that cost me nothing, the dress that made me feel beautiful for a day, the dress that further made me believe in my God who provides, and who has my best interests at heart... who answers prayers even before I can utter them...


My God is awesome :)

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