Monday, March 17, 2008.


and I haven't blogged..heheh oops! At least I'm not lagging behind in 2007 unlike SOME ppl.. who, coincidently also celebrates his big 3-0 today, and apparently has a new squeeze *gasp* don't tell me laaah! MONKEY! But... it IS your birthday so... Happy Birthday Mr. Friday Night! (I'm still waiting for that Nintendo Wii to find its way to my doorstep...)

Besides that, school holidays are coming up so yipppeeee! (and if you didn't know, I'm not the student, I'm the teacher) I think teachers look forward to the holidays MUCH more than the students... 2 weeks of peace and quiet, no more yelling "Shut your mouth or I'll cellotape it shut!" (I do say this sometimes, although the threat magnifies with 'stapler'), no more losing my voice, at least for now, and finally sounding like myself again :)OH JOY!!! *big, big grin*

This week will be busy, despite the start of the holidays, with Easter coming up ad preparing (well, ok..PACKING!) for the Singapore trip (more about that when I get back) so I'll leave you with some overdue pics :)

THE THREE COUSINS-This is like a tradition! There will always be at least one picture of the three "youngest" girl cousins in the family (now it's four coz of Olivia)

Elisha, Leing(Sabrina) and Lorene

THE THREE OLDER COUSINS(and a Jennifer hehehe)-A seldom-taken photo of the three older girl cousins (yup, i'm the 'middle" cousin hehehe)

Hui Fung (Ta Biau Jie) Lorene (er..Lorene...) Yunn (Biau Jie) and Jennifer

MY NAILS ON VALENTINE'S DAY (the day my boy got his leg casted...grrr...)

So pretty kan? Only $10 at Essensuals in the Mall Gdg.. Go check it out :)


Aisyah, Sonia, Zaana, Lorene

And to all those that I miss dearly... don't move so far away from me can!?

I MISS YOU hanky panky or I drag you back here where I can keep my eye on you :) I love you!

JOELY BUM! Come home and teach me drums you monkey! And no need to surprise-surprise nonsense.. we know you SURE come home one! :)

GRACIE! -Don't you just love our outfits? hehehe

WINTER TEO! aka Didi Missing in also another monkey.. never email! Grrr!!!

SHARON AKA OI LEN! I miss you and the crazy times... we crazy no?

Janet, Grace, Sharon, Lorene

Last but not least... my GODSISTERS... I wish you were home...:(

Sorry if I've missed anyone out, but seriously this post is getting to be si beh long k? Next time ah?? Byeeee!

R.I.P. Danny Liew-missed but not forgotten

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