Friday, January 12, 2007.


2007 is here and I hope it has found all of you in good health, good spirits and good times :) School has begun, though not "officially" for SAS so all the SAS kids are still bumming..lucky things :) Work as usual, and looking forward to new students, an "almost new" environment (the school is looking GOOD y'all! Even if it's not yet completed!). Workload is tough this year, with six-day weeks from Feb up til April and I can forsee LOTS of complaints and grumbling.. Ah well, the sacrifices needed for the school to EXPAND :)

YDM kicks off tomorrow, and am looking forward to that! This, I feel, is going to be an amazing year for YDM, and things are going to happen, both good and bad, but I know my God is good...He will see us through :)

Other than that... I can't think of anything right now :P Haeman has left for the States and it will a good few years before I get to see him again *sniff* Grace will leave soon, and so will Joel... Everyone is growing up! *sob* hahaha...

Ah bedtime for me... Nite!

11:04 PM


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