Wednesday, May 17, 2006.


The heat is getting to me... been having migraines for the past two days. Nothing Panadol won't solve :) Drivers here are BAD. If you think Brunei drivers are bad, come here and you'll be scratch that... HORRIFIED at the way they drive here! Brunei drivers are angels compared to these guys! Crazy....

Been taking a few pics, mostly of the Burj... Hann (who does architecture) asked me about this place, and being a non-artsy kinda person, i told him it wasn't quite an architectural wonder for me LOL Bring me to places like Italy or some other place with those old buildings and i WILL be amazed... all these buildings here, i mean they look amazing, but when u think about all the technology it seems so easy to do. Ancient buildings with towers and statues and columns and all that- now THAT'S amazing :)

Like I mentioned before, shopping is exp but find the right place, with the right discounts and it ain't so bad :) Bought a few stuff today, but trying to save my money for souvenirs and chocloates and dates :) see u guys when i get home!!

12:15 AM

Saturday, May 13, 2006.


As some of you already know, I'm at Dubai at the mo, taking a long and deserved break from work and school! So far, things have been ok, although i was stuck at Dubai International Airport for 14 hours and 45 mins... LOOOONG story! And all beacuse of ONE stoooopid man and my "passport" GRRRRR!!!

Things here are quite expensive so I'm a bit apprehensive when it comes to shopping... everyone told me it is cheap here but it's NOT! Even after conversion, it's still quite pricey...well, i'm a cheapskate anyway! I want to SAVE so i can buy MORE! LOL The only things on my shopping lists are dates (have lots of orders from diff ppl), perfume (this i KNOW is cheap here!), kain for baju kurung and everything else will just be a splurge! hehe

The buildings here are all pretty unique...most of the houses are generally squarish and HUGE... my aunt's place is huge as well... The buildings in town are of all shapes and sizes and colours! Pretty diff from what I've seen in other places (not that I've been to many places anyway!) LOL Haven't taken any nice pics yet but will soon... :) Anyway just got home from a long day... hope I get some good patchi or some other choccies so i can give some of them to u guys ;) byeee

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