Thursday, July 28, 2005.


Today was a really funny day...funny "ha ha"...not funny as in weird... Guess who i saw today? Sultan! hehehe...the funny thing was...I was driving along Mabohai...and Sultan was just returning from some function...something about the new Dewan Majlis near immigration? Well, anyway...there was a road block and at first we thought it was an accident..and then we saw police escorts (and you know Sultan's escorts are different from them normal ones)so we were like...OOOOOHHHH!!!

They were diverting traffic to Jln Ong Sum Ping, and as I was turning into the junction, I saw Sultan's car in front of me. Being the crazy-about-Sultan kinda girl that I am, I slowed down as I turned in, hoping that his car would pass mine...and it did! And when it did...I smiled and waved at him (well, so did Z...)and guess what? He was smiling at me and he waved back! *screams* hahaha! It was a great day for me :) On the same level as when...the first time I saw Sultan up close at the padang during the float parade '97...and then on National Day at the Lapau in '

Which got me thinking...if I'm this excited and awed to meet the king of my country...imagine what it would be like to meet the King of Kings? WOAAAH hehehe

Great thought for the day, I'd say *big grin*

I'm off then...bye!

10:47 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005.


I've run out of blog titles :)Been a bit of a lazy bum lately with my blog...been busy with work as usual...not looking forward to getting back to school, only coz I still haven't had a GOOD, LONG holiday yet :) Other than that, I'm excited to get back into routine and being with my friends again. School IS fun!:)

The London bombing thing last week was kinda freaky. Rach is still there but she's safe so I'm glad... Congrats babe for graduating! So proud of ya! Can't wait to see you in two weeks! hehe I'm talking in exclamation marks!

I tried de-flea-ing my dog yesterday...OMG...I must have removed, like, a GAZILLION fleas and Lucky is STILL flea infested! I blame his girlfriend (who by the way is pregnant, most probably his doing...) who is a stray from who-knows-where... Eurgh! I kept scolding my dog for not bringing her home to see Mummy (i.e. ME)...guarantee ku inda approve tuuu...ewww... sasak ku eh! hehehe mind is a BLANK... eeerrrr....ntah eh...

Bila tani liat movie??? (Ding? Atul? Z?) hehehe

Chloe's turning ONE!! :)

I'm off...

10:13 PM

Sunday, July 03, 2005.


Yaye! I've finally finished my counselling report! Can't wait to get rid of it! LOL

Been an OK week so far...haven't had enough sleep since Belalong but then again, it's the holidays so it isn't too bad... Lots of my overseas friends are back for hols, including my two god-sisters (glad you're home girls!!). Other than that, my week has just been about work, work and more work...I can just imagine myself when I start working next time *groan* Teachers are busy ppl too ya know (although we only work half day) :)

Went down to Limbang today to visit my relatives. We went durian picking! hehehe! It was fun! Filled up a whole basket with durians as we walked along the fields (orchard? farm?) and then had a feast of durian- white, yellow and orange! NYUM! My fave was this orangey one...durian otak udang? riiiight :) hehehe

What else ah? YDM went down to KB yesterday and they just got back this evening.. heard they had fun :) Wish I had gone but I was still finishing up on my report...Darn report!! argh!! hehehe...Looking forward to YDM this week anyway...been MIA for a while. Looking forward also to Family Service on the 31st...we'll be doing "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban (but this is a version by some lady) and a drama as well... I'm playing the part of this teenage girl named Cassie. I joked with Che Meng that I was too old to play a teenager and she told me, "That's why it's called ACTING!" LOL

Anyway, I'm off to finish up some cleaning I started tadi... Oh hey, thanks to my taggers for the many, many hugs :) Hugs balik! Thanks guys for the support, smiles and love :) It means a lot to me :) Take care and good night!

10:34 PM


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