Wednesday, March 04, 2009.


Ok it's March... in 3 more days, it will be 5 months EXACTLY to the wedding day...*panic attack* I STILL cannot fit my dress, haven't found a printer to print the invitations (HE says its ok even if it comes out in May O_o), haven't bought shoes, my veil, discussed flowers/bouquets... SMALL details, but BIG event :S On the brighter side of things, we're going there today to confirm our booking at Manggis Mall (yes ppl, the reception is at Manggis..sigh.. so much for a small one at Kiulap Plaza). Plus, we're still $700 short on our wedding bands, but I'm pretty confident we'll get it paid by the due date (April 5?). Why do weddings cost so much? Don't say small weddings don't cost a lot, because they DO! Even ROMs cost money ok? I can't wait for it to be over so I can stop stressing over it hahaha GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH!!

Ok, I suddenly realised this is so unlike my usual posts... Stress much? :S

Ron...I know you told me before you left that you wouldn't be home for the wedding, and today I was just checking my Evite and saw the red X next to your name and it made me sad... again.. I miss you! Seen any sheep??? :)

Sharon, if I had lots of money, you KNOW I would fly you home for the wedding! Wish you could be there :(

Oh and did I mention I've got a 10yr reunion to plan too????


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