Sunday, February 04, 2007.


Janet (Feb 1) : My crazy partner in crime and games ;) ("are we having GAIMS?) Lol... Fun times with you babe, I will always remember.... Long live RHINO! hehehe heart you much much much! xoxox
Leing (Feb 1): Hey good-lookin'! Hope you had a good bday! It's just amazing to see how you have grown up and in the process, making me feel old :) Continue to make us proud :) Love you much, biao mei xoxox

Zaeidi (Feb 3): Batman, thanks for being a great friend... You always make me laugh or annoyed, or BOTH! Thanks for sticking up for me when it mattered most. Happy Birthday OLD MAN! lol! heart you very much xoxox
Fifi (Feb 3): Fufu!!! I miss having you around! Your sarcasm and wit always makes me laugh :) Thanks for being a great friend although we rarely see each other now. Hope you had a great bday :) Heart! xoxox

Joel (Feb 4): Ying Wei! You are an amazing young person with a lot of talent and a lot of passion (and a lot of emo moments :P) I love you still Wei Wei... Thanks for looking out for me and being my punching bag although I know you don't like it coz it hurts kaaaaan? :) hehehe Happy 18th Birthday! xoxox

Oh..and I LOVE blogger! :)

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