Saturday, January 29, 2005.


Never had a good look at my smile til someone pointed it out... and you know what? the more I look at myself grinning away in the mirror...the more I scare myself! Haha! Seriously! Until this particular friend pointed it out to me, I didn't know you could see the teeth AND gums of my upper jaw when I smile! I "high" can a smile be!? I started asking other friends to smile and you know what!? I can't see THEIR gums! Ahhh!! Either my teeth are too small or I need to learn how to smile in a less horrifying way hehehe...HOWEVER, said friend also commented that it was cute so...we'll have to see about changing that smile of mine ;)

10:58 PM

Thursday, January 20, 2005.


Have been MIA for a while so sorry to those who actually do check here regularly :) Uni has finally started and I'm beginning to miss my science courses are kinda a drag..takes some getting used to... plus, walking all the way from one end of campus to the other is tiring, but hey, it sure burns those calories! *grin* (by the end of this semester sexy ku niiii) hahaha..if only...

For those of you close to me, you would probably know what happened recently. It's been a week since my aunt passed away...and at times I still feel the profound loss that comes with losing a loved one... To tell the truth, I barely knew my aunt, besides the fact that she was my dad's sister, had five kids, was a hospital maid...all those kinda stuff...I never really KNEW her until the last days of her life...I found out little things about her like her liking dragonfruit and my shepherd's pie...but above all, she was in a sense, a true heroine...Despite her suffering, she continued to care for her family, putting them first in her life and refusing to give up her battle with cancer so that she could continue to take care of her family. My aunt was brave and she was loving...only as she was dying did I remember the times my dad and I would go over to her place to spend the night, and I remember her looking after me...loving me...always asking about me, if I was doing well, if I was healthy, feeding me :) she had such a large capacity to love and care for the people around her. She was uneducated yet she was more "human" than any other person I know...

The night before she died felt like one of the longest in my life... We were at the hospital for almost six hours..til abt 1 in the morning...We went home to rest and decided to come back in the morning...the last image I had of my aunt was of her as she lay on the hospital bed, her cheeks sunken and her breathing laboured, the heart monitor beeping in rhythm...I never got to see her face again. She passed away early the next morning, and by the time I got to the house for the burial rituals, she was already wrapped up. I'm grateful though that she knew I loved her...

When we arrived at the hospital that night, my dad motioned for me to go and say something to her and as I bent down towards her ear to talk to her, I almost wept and did not know what to say so I said the first thing that came to my mind and that was, "I love you auntie" so...I'm glad she knew...

Things will never be the same again, but life still goes on even if you feel like you can't go on...Live for each day and have no regrets...and treasure the people around you for you never know when God decides He wants them with Him in heaven :)

To all my friends who kept my aunt and my family in prayer..Thank you from the bottom of my heart... It means SO MUCH to me to know you guys care...I thank God for all of you :)

Thank you auntie for loving me...I love you too...

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