Wednesday, October 26, 2005.


Birthday girl and me!  Posted by Picasa

Happy birthday to my partner-in-cuteness-crime ;) Hope you have an AWESOME day...and you know...although i may be older...i still AM cuter...BUT since it's your day...hari ani lah kau cute ;) hahaha! Love ya babe!

My bday may have been weeks ago and I'm still discovering bday messages...only because i haven't checked my mail lately *tsk* so...Mona darling...thank you for remembering..I miss you too... Thanks to Sang too for remembering... Oh, and to Leing who msged me ten days after my bday (apparently, the poor girl was stressed)THANK YOU :) At least you remembered hehehe LOVE YOU cousin! <3

I'm off...headache is killing me...

11:36 PM

Friday, October 21, 2005.


JOEL! silly boy! I'm sorry i forgot YOU! hehehe i really's this getting old business...makes me forget...but thank you..yes i remembered you msged me in the morning...when you should have been paying attention in church (naughty, naughty!) hehehe... <3

And to Atul...yes thank you jua for your sms... i thought i said klau ku lupa namamu, sorry jua... :( hahaha...tua waaaaaaaaait....your turn next :)<3

Anyways, nothing much going on now...long holiday this weekend so wheeee!!! :) Had a counselling test yesterday...MCQs and True/False questions...ngalih ku baca sal i thought it was like essay type and all...and it turns out it was just an objective test..chhhheeeeeehhh!!!

Such a bum, me....going to see what i can hungry... :D

1:02 PM

Thursday, October 13, 2005.


Have been MIA for a while and since I have the op to be online now, I thought I'd say some thank goes

Thanks to Bex, Atul, Boon and Kim for the bday testimonials

Thanks to Zaei, Fifi, Maci, Wan, Ches, Steve, Den, Hann, Syaz, BC, TBC, Ching Yee, Sonia, Cil, Mei, Ben, Kit, Laurice, Boon (again) :), Didi, Farah, Farhanah, Rizal, Ming, Richard for all the bday sms that made my day so much more brighter (there could be more but I don't remember...thanks to you too if i forgot!) <3

Thanks to Atul (again:)) for that bday greeting on your blog :)

Thanks to Steve (again), Ruth, Mun, Diding and Atul (she's popping up everywhere!) for the posts on my chatbox...

Thanks to Steve (wanna-be-everywhere-guy), Janet and Ben for the surprise cake and crazy video recordings :) Love you!

...and to everyone who just made my 23rd a whole lot of fun! You guys are the BEST :) Turning 23 isn't so bad as long as I got you guys :) Someone's turn next!!!! *looks at Ches* Love you monkey! :) Gotta go...xoxox

9:05 PM


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