Wednesday, August 30, 2006.

Hi guys, have been MIA for a while... Have started work at SAS... Loving my job and my students. Because I am rushed for time, I will just post up a letter I wrote to ex SAS students from my year ('99). It will give you a bit of insight to what I've been up to...sort of :) Pics of graduation to follow! :) Take care ppl!

Hallo everyone!

Just thought I'd drop a little note to say hi and just catch up with each of you. Hope this finds you in good health. I just felt compelled to write this mass email to everyone I know from my school days. Perhaps it is the end of a major chapter of my life that stirs me to write to you.

I am finally graduating on the 4th of September, after four short years (time flew by so fast...). Yaye! Hehe... For those of you who know me well enough, I was studying to be a teacher. Right now, I'm working in SAS (surprise, surprise...) teaching Pry 5 Science and RK, Form 1 Science (and Math temporarily), Form 2 Math and Form 4 Biology. Multi-level teacher :P It's a really weird kinda feeling, being at the opposite end of the spectrum now... being a teacher, yelling at my students hehehe and torturing them with piles of homework (obviously ignoring the "noooooo cherrrrr!!!!!!" etc etc etc) And can you imagine calling OUR teachers by their first name?!!? I still call them Ms So-and-so by the way :) But I love my job, I love my students and I'm grateful to be working when most of my colleagues are still waiting for government posting, so God has been good.

Graduating along with me this Saturday will be Sze Ling, Ivy, Wai Heng, Suzzemah, Adibah, I think Fatimah as well, and Nawawi. I'm not too sure if I've missed anyone...even though UBD is tiny compared to most unis, we still hardly see much of each other, except in passing. Everyone still seems the same to me, except maybe taller (coz I'm still short-haha... and fat *sigh*). Maybe I'll try to get a pic of all us ex SAS during full dress rehearsal and post it up for you to ogle at (especially us girls in our TUDONG and GANDHI which is a tiny little HAT :P) Anyone care to lend me their mortar board? I'm serious... I want a photo of myself in regulation "graduation head gear" hehehe.

Well, I will end here (for now). Some of you will get this via Friendster as I don't have most email adds. Do keep in touch and update me on what's happening. See you all soon! Four more years to the 10 year reunion (If it's still gonna happen!) hehehe

Take care, God bless

Lorene/ Ying/ Lollipop :)

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