Sunday, April 18, 2004.


this will be my last post for a while...i prolly wont be back til after my exams which is in abt two weeks? *sigh* hate exams...looking forward to the 11-wk break tho kekeke :) wats been happening this week? i think i'll go backwards...

today we had a morning GB meeting... the girls had their drills test today...we had two singapore GB officers to assess them in marching, turning and all that. The new way of doing drills actually hurts...apparently we are doing it the way the army/police does it in personal opinion is that if the girls keep doing that, sooner or later they will get knee injuries or the's not very easy on the knees and the heels of the feet...everything also 90 degrees waaaahhh...

yesterday was a fun day...we didnt have a prac so from 9am to 1pm we were basically free...we had an interesting conversation in our room concerning all matter of things...widi told a story that made us all shriek in disgust (true story by the way)'s pretty gross...*shudder* its a wonder it didnt make the news LOL! then at 2 after our chem we watched a movie called 'Wrong Turn'...pretty gruesome...pretty low quality film tapiiii...make you scream like anything...i was also wondering, why dont guys scream at scary movies? are they made not to scream? too macho to scream? wat? i dont get it...if it was me, i'd go crazy trying NOT to scream..the guys who were watching the movie with us were pretty cool during the scary parts and not a peep came out of 'em...either that or our shrieks of terror drowned out theirs :) heeheehee

friday was pretty normal..oh i came in the morning to do my project...kinda lonely coz NO ONE came! oh, on wednesday, widi and I, accompanied by Hussein, went to collect our last two soil samples. Hussein came for fun but he ended up working like sweet of him to help...THANKS SEIN!!! :)

i actually have a test tomorrow...*sigh* malasssss....almost done studying pulang...but scared i won't do well...this coming sunday i will be watching DOI-Beauty and The Beast with my sister-fren;P aka Rach...our seats quite far stupid this year...all the good seats(where we got to sit dulu) for VIP..cheh...apaler...monopolise jua...hmmph...oh alright, i should go back to my books...byeeeee!

6:10 PM

Saturday, April 10, 2004.


Just had a loong shower...chilled out for a bit in my room...haven't done that in a while so it was good...tomorrow is Easter so...HAPPY EASTER y'all! :)

today i spent almost five hours doing my project..yes...FIVE...kapisan eh...sorting the soil, putting them in the oven...poking holes in the plastic linings (for the trays)...wah tired...thanks to zaei and zamil for being so sweet and kind and gentlemanly (kekeke) as they carried those heavy trays for me *hugs* after that went to have a bite with my daddy...then went to church...we had a drama was actually the second session...Friday night was the first and it was fuuun....the workshop was led by Covenant Players Drama Team which is a drama missions group that travel all over the place holding workshops. Last night we learnt stuff like diction (how to say and pronounce words), eye communication, body movement and coordination, breathing, walking, drama stills(like picture stills...only we're acting something)...pretty interesting...and for every part we did a practical so everyone got involved and we had a lot of laughs :) today we played a fun game...i dunno wat its called and its too long to type out the details...and then after that we did more drama stills, but with three scenes instead of fun...

i can't go for FOS sports day tomorrow :( Easter service starts at TEN...i thought it would END at ten...ah well...:( my eyes suddenly feel so heavy...and its only 842pm...oh no....okie...bye all!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to BEX (09/04) and HUSSEIN (07/04)!!! *hugs*

8:43 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2004.


phew...this week has been long and tiring...i'm quite surprised that i'm quite relaxed and free today which is a first in a looong time...many things have happened this week...i kinda had a fall out with a friend, then my step-cousin passed away and then my aunt in new zealand mailed us about her having a rare blood disorder that is fatal...i feel like i'm going under...but i'm ok now, i guess...i'm worried for my aunt, i still wonder if my friend and i are REALLY ok, and i know Buboy is in heaven and that where he is, he feels no pain and no i getting too mopey and serious??? :)

went to the mall last night with my two cousins...its a pretty big place and i cant wait for all the shops to it is, the stuff there is not bad...i think, way better than yayasan...saw edmund there...and then a whole bunch of ppl...seems like everyone was there last night! Kept bumping into ppl i knew...and they seemed to be stalking me hahaha...everywhere i went i would see them...even when i went to Macdees and i turned around and there they were again! :) bought two new shirts (yaye!) and i ate ALOT!! one large fries and oj from Mcdee and one serving of cheesy wedges (mmm) from KFC...all carbs...ahhh!! FAT FAT!! hehehe...

today was palm sunday but i didnt go to church...daddy was tired..and so was i...but we HAVE to go next week coz its i dun think i can make it to the FOS Sports Day...if i do, i'll only come after 10 so yeah...will see...anyway i'm gonna go off and find some things to do....( darnnn :)

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