Monday, April 19, 2010.


To my(our) third wheel RONALD :) Sorry Ron I didn't realise it was your bday until I remembered 164. Oh I suck as a friend! :( But you know I love you right? :)

Thanks for being the awesome person you are... thinking of you always makes me smile. I hope and pray that you will have an awesome year ahead, and that God will bless you abundantly and grant you the desires of your heart (do I hear wedding bells yet???) hehehe. You've been a great encouragement and inspiration. Continue to be the crazy-funny person I know and love.

Sorry I missed your birthday bro. I love you!

12:44 PM

Wednesday, April 07, 2010.

The Wednesday Letters

Bought this book by Jason F. Wright on Sunday night. Had to really, REALLY stop myself from reading it too fast and reading it all in one sitting. I started it on Sunday night (just a few chapters), then Monday night (a few more chapters!) and finally finished it on Tuesday evening! A record for me I say, to make it last THREE WHOLE days! yaye me hahaha! But seriously, this book is really good. I cried reading it, and not many books do that for me, and plus the characters and storyline are very well developed.

The surprising thing about this book for me was the many references to God. And I don't mean a passing reference to God like "Oh my God!" :P There was a poem that the guy Jack Cooper(one of the main characters) writes to his wife that refers to Christ on Calvary. And how God forgives. The underlining theme was really about forgiveness and learning what it is to forgive others, when you know God has already forgiven them.

I don't want to spoil it by giving you a summary of the book-just go read it. After reading it, I'm considering starting my own Wednesday letters :)

Have a good week ppl!

11:13 AM


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