Tuesday, September 28, 2004.


A lot of stuff has been happening in my life lately...a lot of downs and not very many ups...ppl tell me that difficulties in life will only make us stronger...and sometimes i wonder why God had to give me so much to make me stronger...sometimes i wish He didn't have that much confidence in me...because that's kinda like how i see it...God having confidence in you, knowing that you can handle it and come out of the difficulty stronger...then again, knowing that HE knows i can do it...makes me sure that i can too :)

one of my ups (too many lows will get depressing) :) -my blood test results came back NEGATIVE...praise God! My overall was negative although there was a slight positive result in one of the sub-set tests but my doctor told me the probability was very very low...1:160...seemed high to me but if the doctor says its low, its low! :)

on a serious note...recent news abt a teenage girl suicide...very sad and disturbing...makes u realise even more how precious life is and how time is so important, to live for the moment and never look back and regret, to live life to the fullest...i may not have known her, but to know she was the same age as some of my friends really makes it even more personal..to imagine that it could have been someone dear to me...Life is precious and it's a gift from God...always remember, your life is worth so much to God, and to the ppl around u who love you...suicide is NEVER the answer...

gonna go study for my coral test now...hope i do well...

to you...you know who u are...thank you for opening up my eyes to reality, even though it was something i refused to see and despite it hurting me, thank you for ur honesty and for ur courage in admitting ur mistake...friends like you are one in a million ;)

<3 to you, you and ESPECIALLY my YOU :)

nite all!!

10:22 PM

Monday, September 13, 2004.


today is a public holiday...it was kinda uneventful today...went to Tau with my cousin and had nachos and curly fries...sorry Rach i couldn't help it :) when i go with u i will still dangani u eat nachos...still kepunan hehehe yummmmyy...

went down to Seria on Saturday afternoon right after my Ecology presentation...a bus load of friends, lots of laughs and craziness...we had late lunch/early dinner at 5pm in Jollibee in Seria Plaza...anything tastes good when you're hungry :) after that we got ready for the night program which was a Youth Program in St. Margaret's Church..it was actually an evangelistic event so we were there as guests and doing a perfommance, which basically was us singing EIGHT songs...it was a bit too long for me...then the St. Margaret's Bahasa group also sang a few songs..and then so did the group from Bethel Church, Seria...Uncle Andy spoke abt having hope in Christ, especially in these times of uncertainty...and it was also the third year anniversary of 9-11..so yeah...it kinda tied in with that...

The girls were separated to three houses while the boys stayed in the Parish Hall... the next day we attended service in SMC and had lunch in town in some chinese restaurant...then in the afternoon we went to the Old Folks Home...it was pretty sad to see these old ppl, with no family to look after them...many of them were handicapped physically, some mentally...we presented some songs and we did Crowdpuller...then we went to visit some of them in their houses, just talking to them...many of these old ppl are alone...no one comes to talk to them much and most of the time they are left alone to think all sorts of thoughts...not a very comforting way to spend the last days of your life...i was really upset just being there and seeing them... it makes u grateful of what u have now...and makes u determined to never let it happen to your parents or older relatives...or urself...

after that we waited for the bus which broke down in Sg Tujoh..so the bus company sent two buses from Bandar...we left Seria at 6 and reached SAS at abt 720...i slept in the bus hehehe...so shleepy...

oh look at the time! i have to go for dinner....Jap food...my first time in Brunei...sakai i know... :)my cousins and friends taking me :) okie bye!

6:40 PM

Monday, September 06, 2004.


im typing this on my new laptop in the semi darkness...it isnt the one i initially wanted but this is just right :) and its blue too heheheh anyway, i can't think of anything to type now coz my brain isnt functioning too well on account of me being very very beat...Oh...Cyrus is in the hospital..he just had an operation but he's better now so Praise God...please do pray for him that he'll get better quick...Get well soon Cy!! *hugs*

Had a thought the other day...if Sarah means "princess"...wouldn't Dk Sarah be Princess Princess?? Get my drift? Eh..she's very lawaaaaaa...pretty exciting this wedding... :) bah better sleep..nite!

Happy Birthday Che Che Cil(0709)...and happy belated to my darling Rachy(308)...Love you both! <3<3<3

11:28 PM


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