Wednesday, August 25, 2004.


have been staring at the computer screen for almost two hours doing one of my bio reports....i'm sooo stressed! it's barely half way done and i have to finish up another report (for the same lecturer) and my genetics report is due on monday...i'm about ready to explode! implode! whatever! ARGGGHH!!! heeeeey wait a minute...i think my lecturer won't be here on monday...hmmm...have to find out...

anyway...yesterday we had a coral reef ecology practical so we went off in a boat to Pilong was FUN FUN FUN!! the boat went really fast so we were bobbing over the waves and a few times i got lifted off my feet (i was holding on to the railing lah...karang i fly) hehehe...and since it was just a class of six girls, there was lots of screaming and laughing :) Pilong Rocks has very beautiful greenery...the green is a very healthy, untouched kinda green :)Love it... we anchored a few metres off the shore and three at a time (with the lecturer) got into an inflatable...using glass-bottomed viewers, we looked at the corals...the water is also a very clear green! After that we went snorkelling! i can't say i'm a pretty good swimmer (i basically swim like a rock...which means i just basically sink!)but the life jackets helped :) i hated the mouth piece so i swam with just a was fun fun fun! We saw lots of beautiful corals and pretty fish...lots of sea cucumber too...and guess what...we found NEMO!! hahaha! We first saw three of them and as i wandered a little way off i found one solitary clown fish which was shorter and chubbier than the previous three...i think that was Nemo! hehehe.... no Dorry though... the mention of Dorry set Fifi and I singing "Going swimming, swimming, swimming..." LOL... the water was REALLY masin...yuck pui...pedih... i must say that was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life so far...being so close to corals and tropical fish and snorkelling...well..sort of snorkelling LOL...

Tomorrow we're off to a mangrove forest and a prawn farm...correct kah? Wasn't paying attention LOL bad girl...anyway...have to move my car...bye!

6:26 PM

Sunday, August 22, 2004.


yesterday was absolutely DRAINING! we were in the studio from 10am to 530pm! By 1pm i was already getting sick of it and wanting to get out and SHOP! :) however, i did have a beautiful gown so i felt all princess-like :D the make-up was icky and thick and my hair was stiff from the hair spray...after yesterday, i will seriously consider whether to take wedding pictures when it's my turn...

i didn't really get to shop much...and what i mean by that is i didn't get to buy any piece of clothing LOL...i bought lots of toiletries and a cushion for my car...and hmmm..oh yeah...four glitter pens (my only treat) :( next sunday i might go down again with daddy and a.judith to choose the pictures...hopefully they came out nice...

a random thought as i sat down to eat a zinger burger and cheesy wedges for dinner at Bintang..."no matter where i am in the world, as long as there's KFC and cheesy wedges, i'll be happy" LOL!

i want new clothes!!! *sigh*

time to do reports *double sigh*...

1:33 PM

Friday, August 20, 2004.


updates! let's see...hmm...tomorrow im off to Miri so yaye :) my dad and step mom are gonna shoot wedding photos and i'm going along to take some as well :) i also got my new car! Double yaye!! finally after three years... *big big smile* i love my new car! :) VVVRRRROOOOMMMM!!! :)

i've finally finished with the physically demanding part of producing my dissertation... all the soil samples have been sorted, laid out in trays and all i have to do now is watch things grow :) the next big thing is writing out the report for it...*groan*

speaking of which...i actually have two reports due sometime next week...the problem is i have absolutely no idea what's supposed to go in it...i have a feeling i'm not the only one...i hate reports...

my guy best friend, Szue Hann, who's been studying in S'pore for the past 8 years, is now in Holland...he's on an exchange program to Holland for a semester and i just got mail from him...he's enjoying himself so i'm happy for him...milk a cow and take pics ok Suz? LOL...miss ya!

speaking of milk...i'm kinda hungry...i haven't had dinner and it's thinking of cereal...i know i know...its a weird time for cereal...i'm suddenly craving for it though...must be THAT time again...oooh and mud cake! got some in the freezer...mmmm...oooh and mi goreng! ahhh someone stop me before i end up fat and looking ugly for photo taking tomorrow!!!

i suddenly realised that including today and sunday, i will not see my friends for three days... i miss them already...*emotional* (it's DEFINITELY THAT time of the month!) LOL...gilerrr...

a worship team is heading down to miri and then sibu tomorrow for the One Voice festival organised by the ADYC (Anglican Youth Diocesean Council)...i wish i could go...ah well...hopefully i will be around for the Youth Concert on Sept 11 in Seria *grin* to the guys who're going down tomorrow...have fun in Sibu, sing and play your hearts out, and may God be with you as you take the trip down to miri and sibu...

alright im off...long day tomorrow...i'll miss you, you, you and you most! mmwah!

9:32 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2004.


ok update (as requested by Ron hehehe) thanks for dropping by, by the way! :)

this has been the second week for me back at ubd for my fifth schedule is pretty packed despite having fewer courses as they are of higher weightage than previous courses...eeps...

as i'm typing this i realise more than half of the Brunei population are glued in front of their tvs watching AF...LOL...i hope Farah wins...she's a powerhouse! :) interesting story to tell...on thursday, we had a field trip to merangking...that's a logging area an hour away from Sungai Liang in KB...our lecturer advised us to meet by 1230 so we could push off there we were, all early and ready to go...the bus leaves the campus and as it heads towards the highway along jerudong, it seems to...die a friend Suzi turns to me and says.."don't you think the bus is going really slow?" so i look out the window and sure enough, we're crawling at a snail's pace...30kmph at least...the bus driver stops by the side of the road and revs the engine (this, being obviously a manual bus)...aforementioned engine makes loud thunderous noise, thus causing panicked expressions on some of the girls... bus moves off, stops by the side again, engine is revved...etc etc etc...

finally we reached then it was obvious the bus was not gonna get us anywhere so we headed back to UBD and left for Sungai Liang in four was already and a half hours WASTED...we reached Sg. Liang at about 3, reached the Forestry Dept, spread ourselves among two 4WDs and one truck/lorry belonging to the Forestry here comes the FUN part...

Me, being the sakai type (along with five other ppl) obviously wanted to ride on the back of the truck and we did get to! So there we were, Rashidah, Widi, Fifi, Haji Mohd, Zaeidi and cattle being brought to the market LOL and the first funny thing was... one minute into our journey, Rashidah's cap flies off her head and we all SCREAM!! LOL!! The car behind us stops to pick it up, while the truck we're in continues to move on, with us six laughing hysterically...the people in the truck must have thought we were was pretty fun sitting at the back of the truck, albeit on a carton of tinned drinks (ouch). The road to Merangking was LOOONG and bumpy...we were out in the open, with the wind whipping our hair...we just went crazy...going down hills, the three other girls would hold their hands up ala rollercoaster style (me being more mature *sniff* controlled myself) LOL and it was laugh-a-minute as we had funny comments abt everything and made noises everytime we went through a bumpy patch...

when we finally reached the logging area, we were given a briefing and we got to see a tree being cut was pretty big, abt 112cm in diameter and pretty tall (can't remember)...when it fell, i could feel the earth shake so it was pretty awesome! :) Going back, the men in the truck insisted that the "amois" at the back move inside but we protested..sampai my lecturer came down from her car to ask what the matter was...when she found out what the fuss was abt, she just told the guy, "don't care abt them! Look at them! They like it!" hahaha! We had a little detour on the way back...the nice men from the Forestry Dept bought us durian and rambutans! Waaah yummm :) well, we had the durian...none of the others had it *evil grin* by the time we reached UBD it was EIGHT PM! i was exhausted but glad we got to go..

Now if only my report on the field trip had to do with getting to Meranking and back! LOL! if you've gotten this must really be interested or u have nothing better to do! ;) thanks for reading then :)i can't think of anything else to say...i think this is enough for a know..too much of a good thing...;) byeee!

9:18 PM

Sunday, August 01, 2004.

ANOTHER YEAR (ANOTHER DIET??) fifth semester in UBD starts tomorrow...gosh..third year! time sure flies... looking back i don't think i would have imagined me being at this point in time...i knew it would come eventually (obviously!)...just never thought i'd be "there" so fast :)

can't wait to see my friends :)

ok my mind is a blank..i have a feeling i won't get much sleep tonight..all this excitment LOL


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