Monday, October 27, 2008.


First of all, all the best to those sitting for exams right now. I remember how stressful exam time can be so keep your head up and do your best!

Sitting in a class just now was pretty OK. I remember being a student, and one-and-a-half hours never seemed enough to finish a paper, but being a teacher now, those 90 mins can be a REAL BORE! It's like, come on already *yawn*. We can't read, we can't do marking, we can't do anything but to just walk around and make sure no one's cheating. THREE hour papers are the WORST! :( Can you imagine, three hours of NOTHING?! After a long session like that, I get quite resentful (only for a little while...) because I feel that it is a waste of time... So much can be done in three hours, but I guess in the end, students need to be monitored during exams... I'm all for CCTvs! :) Or, or... ROBOT invigilators! hahaha!

As for the purpose of this post, let me share something interesting with you. The session I invigilated just now was Sec 4 English Paper 1. A tip for those who sit for papers like these... IMAGINATIVE ESSAYS ARE not THE EASIEST TO SCORE. Why? Because the teachers are more demanding when it comes to creative essay writing. They will focus more on content and language flow. I mean, you're writing a story right? If it's BORING, they're not gonna be happy. I always say, choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Sure, many will say imaginative essays are the easiest, but when 80% of the class chooses the same topic, expect the teacher who's marking your paper to get less generous (and less easy to impress) as she marks more and more of the same topic. There was an interesting topic today, about "Looks determine the success of boybands" Discuss... Something like that... so I figured I'd write one out just for your reading pleasure (and my insane craving for wanting to write out a 300-500 word essay) :) Oh and question 2 was something weird like, write a letter to your parents informing them you will not be home as expected as you got injured during your holidays(in a neighbouring country), and you need them to send you some money until you get home... Er...SMS anyone??

Dear Father and Mother

I hope this letter finds you both well. I know I am just a two-hour flight away, and I could have called, but the beastly weather cut off all communication on the island. The only way to get a message out is through the efficient postal system they have here that guarantees that you will receive this letter tomorrow (if the boat doesn't sink en route). Plus, my mobile phone has run low on battery, and with no where to recharge it (they have different sockets here), I am unable to text you about my predicament.

Yesterday, after a good long hike around the hills with George, Thomas and Elizabeth, we decided to have a little swim in the sea. We were on our way to the beach when my foot went through a hole in the sand. Someone must have been digging around and left a sizeable ditch along the beach. Needless to say, I tripped and fell. Both my ankles are sprained and I broke my left arm. Also, I managed to get a small concussion as I took a little bashing on the head when I hit a rock as I tumbled. Mother, please do not worry as I know you are prone to little bouts of panic. I am doing well and recuperating in the sanitorium. However, due to my injuries, the doctor has advised against my travelling home in three days time. Since I will be here longer than expected, please do send some money for my lodging and medical fees. George and Thomas will head back as scheduled, while Elizabeth has decided to stay on with me, the sweet girl.

I will see you both soon. I promise to call once they have the phone lines up and working. Give my love to everyone at home, and give Mr. Whiskers a scratch on the back from me.

With love,

Hehe...I just needed to get that out of my head... in real life it would just be

Pa, i need $$..Got into xcident, am ok but kenot come home yet. Put into my atm ya. Call me if anything, no credit to call u..tnx.

Happy studying you guys!

9:50 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008.


That with everyone rushing to the airport, trying to get to Empire earlier than others, or to the mall just to catch a glimpse of superstars, sitting in a quiet little restaurant would end up like this....

Mannnn... he's got better skin than me! *pouts*

5:56 PM

Thursday, October 09, 2008.


Thanks to all the wonderful people who made me smile today :) Those overseas and those here, thank you thank you thank you... From the bottom of my heart.

I have run out of credit replying and saying thank you to all of you :P But hey, it's just once a year. I am reminded again how AMAZING God is, how He has blessed me with ALL of you. I apologize that I cannot type your names out in this space (because there are too many, and I'm afraid I might accidently leave someone out) To my family, for the wishes, thank you and I love you. To my friends, sisters and brothers in Christ, I love you so much... You made my day so much brighter. To my students for their texts, singing Happy Birthday in class and for the little party at my place, you guys are so sweet :) To Ron and Frank for the most extravagant present I have ever gotten in my LIFE, thank you and I heart you very much. To Stephen, thanks for a great day and for loving me just as I am (cranky and moody but oh-so-lovable) Haha! To the wishers on friendster and facebook, thanks! :) and most of all, to Him who created me, be all praise and glory, forever and ever *amen*

Lorene has turned TWENTY SIX y'all!!

With all my love,

5:37 PM

Sunday, October 05, 2008.


The three day Raya break saw a whole bunch of crazy young Bruneians (i.e. US!) make their way down to Miri for a bit of R and R. Well, can't say it was THAT relaxing, but I guess the time spent with the group was time well spent, although I wanted more :) The hotel was actually beyond my expectations (I expected something similar to Beta Apartments in Labuan) but it was a good hotel...maybe even better than Park Everly? (formerly known as Holiday Inn). The gym was very nice :) Mirrors everywhere, good for practising our dances :) We also participated in an exciting event, the re-launching of the Youth Ministry in Good Shepherd, Lutong. It was good, despite falling on my BUTT on a pile of confetti during the dance *cringe*.

Thanks to Vel, Ron and Frank for the sweet advanced birthday gift, and to Stephen for Part 1 of my birthday gift/s (it's a tradition thing...). I feel a bit weird knowing that my birthday is around the corner because it hasn't sunk in yet... I'll be TWENTY *** hahaha I guess that is easy to figure out, since there's only one number that could qualify (you can't say TWENTY TEN can you?) Ok, I'll just put up some pictures of the trip. Enjoy!

Shrek ears!

Vely and me

The Dancers for Catchafire

The Girls

The Band

The Catchafire Dancers

Before going home- Group Shot!

School starts tomorrow *sobs* I want more holidays :(

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