Monday, July 28, 2008.


Anyone want a 30ml bottle of JLo Glow??? Plastic covering has been removed and nozzle sprayed once to test the scent... found out it wasn't my kinda smell (me being of the citrusy, floral notes kinda girl) but I'm unable to "give" it away due to the opening and spraying of it (just ONCE!)-makes for a CHEAPSKATE kinda present no? hahaha SOOOOOO... i'm willing to give it anyone who wants it...pls...or it will DENATURE on my dresser (is that what the process is called??)

Leave me a tag :)

11:37 PM

Saturday, July 19, 2008.


:I'm glad tomorrow is a Sunday!
:I love being in my room alone, because it's MY space
:I hate being sick (or feeling like I'm sick, when I'm not)
:Dead lizards stink really badly
:My room is freezing cold now (not as cold as Ron's though... that guy could live in Siberia!)
:I wanna lose more weight!
:That I love you :)

Oh and happy birthday to Hannah Chloe, to Lourdes (leng moi!), Sze Ling (Ms DJ Marilyn to you!) and to Laurice aka BAMBA! ( I don't call you that though..saja wah :))

Didn't have time to find a nicer pic (someone is waiting for my call you know...ahem!) so yeah...this is all you're getting...for now?haha Happy birthday dear!

11:18 PM


Name: Lorene Anne DOB: 091082 Location: BSB Nick:ba_fly/ying


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:: Hann
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