Sunday, September 09, 2007.


Greetings from Singapore! :) Arrived here on Friday (two days ago) and will be here til this coming Friday... Friday was spent at my aunt's place just chilling and reading books. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with Hann, who made me wait ONE hour for him... By the time he came, it was 3pm and I was DYING from hunger so he paid for lunch (he'd better!!) at Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place..then we had coffee at this place I cannot remember the name of in Taka (these singaporeans never stop stuffing their faces!) By then I was super stuffed and we walked around a bit and this boy even suggested we have dinner and I said forget it! (non stop eating laaa!) He went off for dinner with his family so I walked around Wisma Atria til about tennish when we met up again, went off to Cineleisure, met Den, watched a Jet Li movie (Rogue Assassins-Super violent and super bloody...eurgh!)and headed home after a looooog day :)

Today (Sunday), we had a walk around Vivo City, but didn't buy anything... Am really holding on tight to my money at this moment...trying to make it worth spending :) A bit weird seeing as to how I haven't got a LONG list of things to buy :P This IS Singapore after all...but it still pales in comparison to the joys of shopping in MAKATI! :) hehehe

Alright I'm off to a good book before bed... see u guys when I get back! Enjoy the school holidays ppl... I know I am! :)

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