Saturday, August 04, 2007.


Thought I'd spare a bit of my "time-out" to post a little review of a recent movie I watched: "Disturbia". Apparently it is a "loose modern translation" of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"... Well, someone could have at least WARNED me about that! (He's known for writing really suspenseful stuff ok???)

First of all, the plot was quite easy to follow and quite freakish when you consider that there really are people like the scary bad guy in this movie! Shia LaBeouf (the lucky "owner" of Bumblebee in "Transformers")gave an amazing performance, what with his witty comments and cute trying-to-impress-the-hot-girl antics, he played a most believable character, as well as being the type of guy in movies where you root for from the very start... The hot babe in question, played by Sarah Roemer, has a striking resemblance (to me anyway) to a young Kate Hudson (at certain angles), although she lacks the charisma that Hudson brings to the screen (Kate Hudson is a total babe ok?) Hehe Comments about her (Sarah R) not too toned tummy were made by the weight-conscious young ladies who I watched this movie with :P

The baddie in this movie is played by David Morse, of whom I am acutely aware has acted in several films which flee my mind at this moment, save for one: Double Vision (Taiwan horror film). Woops... Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from the Matrix) is still pretty hot, although she seems to have aged considerably in this movie...Well, she IS the MOM! :)Just don't expect her to come out in a latex suit :P Oh, and Aaron Yoo who plays Shia's best friend is a right hoot... he's a pretty good actor and cracks me up in every scene he's in.

All in all, the movie builds up to a climax that doesn't disappoint, and reduced us (boys included!) to covering our eyes behind our hands (like that's going to make it less scary?) and screaming our heads off (which then reduced us to nervous, self-conscious giggles)

If you haven't watched this movie, I recommend you do because it really is THAT GOOD. Guaranteed not to me :)

Story line: 5 stars

Actors: 5 stars (they're all good, even the girl!)

Cinematography: Not too bad but then I'm not an expert.. the scenes are easy to follow though and hold your attention throughout, so for me...5 stars

Overall rating: 5 stars

See? All full marks... Go watch laaahhh cheap wat? :) Have a great weekend guys!

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