Tuesday, April 29, 2008.


Hi ppl...sorry I've been MIA for a bit.. The SAS Golden Jubilee celebrations really tired me our thoroughly, what with 6 working days for the two weeks prior to the big day, practising for this and that, arranging for the gala night... I'm glad it's all over! Something to look back at and say, "Wow...I was a part of history.." Events during D-day made me teary-eyed and nostalgic, and you know what? I'm proud I was, and still am, in St. Andrew's :) To my students who made effort for the science exhibition, WELL DONE! (The PRYNSA group, Benjamin, Maybel, Jac, Teen, Barry, Wendy, Ju and to others who helped them).

Talking about PRYNSA, our final judging is tomorrow (GASP!) at MIPR, and hopefully the team is ready... I was on MC today (my tonsils acting up AGAIN!)so I didn't get to hear their presentation. Karen managed to "baby-sit" them today so I trust her when she says it went well :) Please pray that we do well.. It is our first time qualifying for PRYNSA and it would be amazing if we do well, or WIN! :) To God be the glory OK?

As for pictures of the Golden Jubilee, needless to say, being as busy as I was, I didn't have much time to take pictures. I'll upload them from my digicam once I stop feeling like a lazy bum so for now, you may enjoy random pictures taken off FB :)

GALA NIGHT-SHU YEE AND ME! (I liked my hair that night :))

EXHIBITION DAY 1- I look sakai haha

PRYNSA TEAM plus one short teacher... JIA YOU for tomorrow!

A NICE PIC that mei put up on FB

Oh, and not forgetting to mention BONG YEE LIN... Guess what? There was a powerpoint presentation of SAS during the Jubilee and one of the pictures was you, with your small CHINKY EYES, BRACES-filled SMILE-one slide, devoted to YOU! HAHA!

Happy BELATED Bday to Sonia and Caroline!


MD BABES prasan can? :)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008.


Sorry for the lack of updates... Yes, I'm really good at procrastinating BUT this time I have good reasons! (really!!!)

Golden Jubilee in 10 days (yikes!), exam papers due in 12 days (just kill me already...) and er... that's it basically :P Seriously, GJ PLUS exam papers TOGETHER equals late nights, sore necks, cramping wrists, injured toes (I have NO idea how that happened!)and general all-over tiredness. On the positive side, I THINK I'm losing weight :P Stress-related I'd say :)

Other than that, activities are piling up which need to be planned...caterers to call, movie tickets to organise, brigade activities to think through, camp to stress about, holidays to plan (I really want to go to Suraina's wedding in S'pore!) I must have Energizer POWER PACKS strapped on to me SOMEWHERE for me to keep going like this! (which also makes my "Duracell Bunny" nick, thanks to Thanis, much more apropos)

Eurgh, photo updates soon ok?


Happy Advanced Birthday to my God-sister REBEKAH KIM MEI *KIM CHI* KEASBERRY 09-04 I LOVE YOU <3! :)

Happy Belated Birthday to my DIDI, HAEMAN *WINTER* TEO 25-03 <3

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