Wednesday, July 08, 2009.


For those of you who would like to give a gift instead of cash here's a list of things to consider:

1) Pots and pans (no need expensive brands, but as long as they don't give us cancer!):) -maybe a big pot (for boiling STUFF), a smaller one (for instant noodle) and a frying pan... :) Extras are welcome :) I'll get me my own Chinese wok.-Aunty Jane bought us loads!! :) THANK YOU!

2) Bed linen/sheets -so far the Dalmans have said they will give us two sets, queen size btw if you're planning on getting it- Che Meng got us another! :)

3) Knife set :)

4) Dinnerware (plates and cups/mugs)-the more the merrier :)-Sison's buying one set, my students Weei Thien and Weei Sing gave us another. Thanks guys :) so sweet

5) Serveware (serving plates and stuff)

6) Toaster- Sheiela's family

7) vacuum cleaner!!! (double c double u?? )-Jack

8) Steam iron (saw a cheap one at Hua Ho Manggis for $88..usually over $200)-Elicays

That's all I can think of at the moment... Pls let me know what you're planning to get and I'll update this post... Any questions or suggestions, just SMS me yeah... Thanks guys!

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Saturday, July 04, 2009.


It's been a while that I haven't updated-due to various reasons, one mainly being that we've been busy getting ready for the wedding (1 month 2 days to go!), plus blogger has the tendency to "malfunction" on me, which is quite irritating loh..

Other than that, been doing well. H1N1 is making its rounds around the country, causing panic and major profits for hand sanitizer and face masks manufacturers :) Those Disney Eskulin hand sanitizers that I usually buy on a regular basis are also out...panic much??

Also had a look at our "new" place. Its amazing how God is providing for us, as the house is FURNISHED. What do we have? A sofa set, coffee tables, tv console table, dining table+ chairs (which i'm thinking of replacing)a stove, a huge fridge (i like!), a washing machine, beds (we'll get NEW mattresses), dressers, cupboards...what do we need to buy?? Carpets, pots and pans (i want a huge chinese WOK!), plates, cups, cutlery, perhaps a wall clock, and all the cleaning supplies. Praise God that we don't need a HUGE budget to move in!!! Exciting!! We'll definitely have more sleepovers now! The girls can come over and I'll leave Stephen in the master bedroom and I'll join the girls in the two extra rooms :) And ok, vice versa if the boys have a sleepover... (now boys also want to ikut2 slumber party:P)

Other updates: Wedding invitations are out so busy being a postman now :) Ppl have also asked me to set up a gift registry... I feel a bit paiseh loh, like asking for gifts... what do you think.. SHOULD I SET UP A REGISTRY??? hmmmm...

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