Monday, May 16, 2005.

HOLIDAY! FREEDOM! WOOHOO! you can tell, ba_fly is officially on holiday! Yesssss!! TAPIKAN...I also have teaching observation at the moment...ah's a good thing it's only for about 3 weeks, and besides, it's at SAS so I'm feeling right at home :D We started TO today and there's a BIG bunch of us...15 TO students and 5 TP students giving a grand total of TWENTY aliens on SAS soil LOL.. Had a chat with some of my former teachers...all of them still the way i remember them from my years in the school...

something that made me a bit peeved today...all teachers are usually timetabled into schedules and stuff using their intials. When i was teaching there three years back, i was LAF...this time i'm LOR...WHAT?! I mean, my friends call me Lor all the time, but the thing is...macam taLOR lah...aduh! hehehe..ah...well... (I blame Z for this who pointed it out to me...grrrrr u!!)

I can't really think of much to blog right now so...

Tag replies:

[Wei] Thanks for dropping by from time to time :) thanks for remembering me...take care and ur always in my prayers too :)

[Z] Hi back! Cam lama udah kau inda visit visit :) I'm still blaming you for the taLOR thing tho :) but it's ok...i still love you ;)

Atu ganya? Sigh... i'm off ppl :) School tomorrow *groan*

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