Wednesday, August 05, 2009.

UPDATED! (050809)

Two days to go and I just had a few more gift ideas,stuff we really need... if anyone's still interested hehe. You guys are amazing tho, blessing us with so much!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!

List continues...

9) air purifier thingy.. u know the one with water inside that goes round and round and round? I only have a small one that does nothing for the room:( the room reeks of something...

10) A nice comfy carpet for the bedroom.. planning to put it on the floor at the foot of the bed...sometimes i like to sit on the floor and read...

11) a standing I sleep with air con and stephen doesn't so sometimes we'll alternate - the holtby's got us one. Thanks! Appreciate it MUCH!

12) a BRIGHT lamp (as in the bulbs are BRIGHT) for the dining room coz that's where i plan to have tuition

Ok I think that's it. Do let me know if you decide on anything. Thanks again everyone. You guys have been part of the huge blessing from God. :)


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