Monday, December 15, 2008.


Been MIA for a little while, due to the holidays. I just love sleeping late like the little rebel I am, and waking up at lunch hour :) I'm such a pig, I know! Been gyming a bit here and there- one of the gym instructors (one of them) is a crazy can-can kicking terror who yells at us for "MORE! MORE" and teaches us to "SLOWLY ENHALE, EXHALE" while we're panting away like the unfit bunch of fatties we are.

Been catching up on Prison Break, Bleach and Naruto, and hankering for Heroes Season 3. Am impatiently waiting patiently (hah..oxymoron!) for lots of episodes before watching it in one go. Been also hanging out loads with the boy, as he had a week off, and even went down to Miri with him and Sonia for some retail therapy. Ended up being so much more pricier than Brunei, had me huffing away about how much better Christmas shopping in Brunei would have been. BUT.. I did buy a pair of jeans :) and a pair of shoes :) :) And only because they cost more in Brunei (made in Malaysia maaaah!).

Watched Bolt(the doggie is soooo cute!), Twilight (Edward Cullen is overated!) and The Day The Earth Stood Still (not enough action for me...). Man, you should have heard the audible gasps of awe/lust/excitement as Robert Pattinson appeared on the screen. I had to control myself and not laugh.. I mean, come on.... if it was Orlando Bloom... *GASP*... Hugh Jackman (shirtless or muscles a-rippling)or Wentworth Miller (who cares if he's gay) *RAWR!!*... Ani... rambut BASAR, pakai gincu (merah lagi tu!)eyebrow banyak bulu...inda jua turn-on-ing... duiiiii... hahahaha

Also had a few stuff going on like our 20somethings Christmas Party (I made yummy lasagna and Sonia and I made yummy brownies), Ying Ying's Wedding, Edmund and Chew Tin's Wedding... oh and...this boy's 26th!


And my cousin Yunn gave birth to a baby boy today! and it's her bday too today! So happy bday Biaujie and to the little nephew! :) Congratulations!!!!

Ah, its raining... time for a shower and a good night's sleep :)

Happy holidays guys!

10:28 PM


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