Tuesday, October 27, 2009.


Suddenly I miss having family around.. I can't wait for Chinese New Year.. I wonder who'll be home this time around....

11:44 AM

Tuesday, October 06, 2009.


Been busy as of late, with exams coming up again- rushing to complete report books and stuffing as much information as I can into the heads of my F3s before their exams start on Saturday. Whether or not their brains can take the info overload is something else...

Been too busy even to be polite and finish up my thank-you cards for the wedding. I've been "doling" them out in parts... Some people have gotten it and some haven't..if you're one of those who haven't, trust its on the way or just let me know (don't shy shy laaaa). I don't want to miss out anyone and risk offending somebody. ("How come he gets one but I don't?" kinda thing...)

Been to Belalong and back over the weekend. Up and down Ashton trail, down to Sg Mata Ikan, up to the canopy walk, and then up some more on the ACTUAL canopy walk contraption... Suffice to say my legs DO NOT WORK. My knees keep giving out on me and i walk like a DUCK.. just going down stairs, not going up :) Will take me a couple of days to recover.. the pain is quite agonizing :( Been ages since I've posted up pictures so once I'm done with the report books (i'm multitasking at the moment!) I'll upload some recent pictures..not really sure if anyone cares to look, but its for those who do...you know who you are <3


8:30 AM


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