Monday, May 24, 2004.


just thought i'd post something up...would give me something to do to make me feel less bored... today was another loooong boring day...the only thing i did today (besides eat, watch tv, breathe and vegetate) was going up the hill next to Sheraton with daddy and Judith. I only managed to go up TWO times...i'm such a fatty huh...the first time i went up and came down, i was feeling pretty ok...the second time i started up the hill, i felt nauseous and dizzy and i started feeling a sharp pain in my chest...nevertheless, i trudged on...what kept me going was thinking abt SOMEONE who keeps saying i'm lampuh or in his/her words..."cute"...and i kept that voice playing over and over again in my head to make myself determined to keep at it...(i'll show them!!) :)

i couldn't go up again though after coming down as i felt i was gonna pass out so i just stretched and warmed down while presenting myself as a buffet for the hungry mosquitoes...*scratch scratch* i don't know why i get that way sometimes if i exert myself...maybe it was coz i played bball before climbing that hill...

Something else i did today...learning the lyrics to Lee Hom's Ni He Wo...sadly, i have NO idea what i'm singing hahahaha :)

Went to visit my aunt yesterday...she doesn't look good...she has breast cancer and i almost couldn't recognize her...she looks like she's ten years older and she's lost SO MUCH weight...i had to make myself concentrate on her voice as she was talking to Judith to keep myself from crying...i hope and pray she gets better...

Talking of crying...i sat on Pusing Lagi when we went to JP on saturday night...i tell you, i've never been more scared in my life! I seriously thought i was gonna die! I got off the ride, half laughing, half crying...i think i was just in shock...i don't think my heart can stand another ride, although thinking abt it, i seem to think i could handle it...but i think if i was there looking at the ride...i'd probably run away LOL we had fun lah, that night....haven't been there in ages and it was good to just go relax and have fun and scream (and bust everyone's eardrums)and basically have a good time with good friends :)

woah..this blog IS long... :)alrighty then...i'm off to...err....eerrrr...hmmmm....*sigh*

8:37 PM

Saturday, May 22, 2004.

Test test...Lorene at the computer :) Posted by Hello

Just testing new stuff on blogger...nice? :)

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This was something I wanted to post a while back but it was during exams and I didn't have the time (obviously). It came to me in the car as I was on my way to an exam...

I like music and anyone who knows me well knows I'm a POP musical tastes are long as they don't give me a headache and don't contain profanity :) I listen to Capital quite often and well, you know the kinda songs they play...sometimes its kinda repetitive but at least they're all quite new...

ANYWAY...back to my point...I was listening to Hey Ya on Capital that day in the car and it made me think of someone...and then as I thought about it, quite a few songs stir some kind of memory about a person. It brought a smile to my face as I thought of some songs and of the people it made me think let you great ppl know that I think of you (with AND without the song to prompt me) here's my list..If your name isn't on it, it doesn't mean i don't think of you ok? I just haven't found a song I associate with you :)

Hey Ya {OutKast} - Monne: I don't know why but this song reminds me of you...maybe because you did the hand dance thingy once, like in the video :)so cute ;)

Leave Right Now {Will Young} - Hussein: Actually, any Will Young song reminds me of Hussein but this is the one they usually play now...and coz he asked me to get the CD in S'pore..tapi...nada...sorry! :) (PS there's this new one as well but i dunno what it's called...eerr... Your Game?)

Bukan Cinta Biasa {Siti Nurhaliza}> - Nisa: Why this song? Coz i remembered when someone had the cd and you were squealing in exitement and played it on repeat for like a gazillion times! You just went on and on and on...:)

Island In The Sun {Weezer} - Zaeidi: EVERYONE knows this guy's apparent favourite song is this...this guy has weird taste in music and is an even WEIRDER person..all i have to say is...HIP HIP... :)

Toxic {Britney Spears} - Zamil: Britney's #1 Fan among our group of friends. Everytime this song plays I think of Zamil coz I know he has the vid and the mp3 on his computer and he LURVES Britney <3

In Da Club {50 Cent} - Suzi: Reminds me of the times I've sat in her car with this song blasting on her stereo...actuallynya ada profanity cheh

Naughty Girl {Beyonce Knowles} - Hadi: Hadi dancing sexily like Beyonce in the video... 'Nuff said! :)

Ni He Wo (You and Me) {Wang Li Hong} - Bex: I know Bex LOVES Li Hong (Lee Hom)but I dunno if she likes this song (she probably does!)so when I hear this song I think of her :) Miss ya god-sis!

This Love {Maroon 5} - Fifi: She told me the lead singer was HAWT (and he IS!) and so I always remember her when I hear this song :)

okok...this post is getting toooooo time perhaps...have a good day ppl...JERUDONG PARK TONIGHT YAYE!! ;)

11:39 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2004.


I saw this comic in a back issue of the Strait Times and i LOVED it so i went looking for it online and...i found it! Go check it out

i found this precedes the one above...check out for more Get Fuzzy strips

today is Suzi's birthday so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACIIIIII!!!! :) Luv you lots...hope you have a great day!

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Monday, May 17, 2004.


Today, a whole bunch of us (20 to be exact) spent the day at the beach... it was a day of fun, food and friends ;) we had LOTS of food which i hardly ate...antah ah...the food didn't seem to appeal to me (or my stomach!) although the food looked and smelled good:( we played games and just basically relaxed, sitting down on the benches and talking... i dont think anyone went for a swim...i did collect some pretty shells though :) and then the day ended badly coz Fifi lost her ring and we couldn't find it...and she was upset...i would be bawling if i was in her position! we looked around the place but we couldn't find it..i wish i could have found the ring for her :( but anyway, the day was quite fun despite the ending...i'm not really burnt this time which is GOOD hahaha...i used to ALWAYS come home from the beach bright red and radiating off heat! LOL

have a headache now...too much sun...eurgh...okie bye!

8:04 PM

Friday, May 14, 2004.


Holidays are here!! My last exam paper was yesterday and now im freeeee!!! :) We went to the mall yesterday and while some of the girls watched Van Helsing, we walked around the mall window shopping and ooh-aahing over stuff (girls...what can i say?) *grin* i bought wrapping paper...for my books next semester (semangat!) and i bought a pair of cute slippers that are very comfy and i plan to wear it when we go to the beach on monday :) the best thing abt it..ok thingS abt it is that:

1) it's BLUE
2) it's got BUTTERFLIES! :)

i wish i had tonnes of money to spend...i had to be careful with what i spent yesterday as i'm saving up for miri :) i'll be going to miri for SAC's Family Camp. We'll be staying at Royal Rihga and they'll be five other girls in a room with me! Yaye! We'll be there from the 29th to the 31st i think...looking forward to that...

i don't really know what i'll be up to for the next two and a half months...i will obviously be working...i also wanted to do jazz ballet but apparently its not worth it...something abt unprofessional and un-serious instructors...ah well...i planned on going for vocal lessons and maybe start my piano again...i stopped when i was in form 5 and never bothered to go back coz i was always too busy...i wanna play ok maybe not...Alicia Keys...heeeeyyy :) hehehehe...

i'm officially bored....GREAT...

Blogger has got new stuff...coooool....

Just watched Freaky Friday...funny... *random*

ok byeee!

11:07 AM

Wednesday, May 05, 2004.


The song in my heart

You gave it all for me
My soul desire, my everything
All I am, is devoted to You

How could I fail to see
You are the love that rescued me
All I am, is devoted to You

And oh, how could I not be moved
Lord here with You
So have Your way in me
Coz Lord there is just one thing that I will seek

This is my cry
My one desire
Is to be where You are oh Lord
Now and forever
It's more than a song
My one desire
Is to be with You
Is to be with You

The one thing
The one thing
That I ask
Is to be with You...

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