Thursday, March 23, 2006.


The long awaited holidays are finally here... 7 out of 10 days and 3 more days to go. I'm milking it for all its worth- late nights and late mornings, bumming, eating, going out, watching dvds... ahhhhh... this IS the life! :)

What have I NOT done? Lesson plans (which i should!) and preparations for school...and EXERCISE *groan* and go to the dentist *heehee* OOPS!

I just got back from watching Nanny's a really good 'feel-good' movie... makes you just wanna go "AWWWWWW!!" Last week I watched Big Momma 2 and it had me laughing in my seat. It's really funny and Martin Lawrance is a real nutter... My favourite scene was when he was in a bathing suit at the beach... :P Baywatch will never be the same LOL

The last 3 days of my holiday will be spent preparing for school (serve me right for procrastinating!) and being a bum as much as I can (hey, at least I'll get some work done too) :P Enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone (if you are having them now...)
I'm off to go look for some info for my lessons...:P

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