Monday, June 18, 2007.


So many years, so many blog entries...and then I realised, I never mentioned YOU..for the fear of our relationship being found out by my dad... and YOU were my LIFE.. but if I could go back, I would rewrite everything and write more about YOU, about how YOU made my days fuller and brighter... and how much YOU meant to me... YOU were EVERYTHING to me... I really am sorry I left YOU out... Forgive me...


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007.


Just got back from Sibu yesterday... really tired, but it wasn't too bad, the forum.. Met a lot of fun ppl and hopefully i'll get to meet them again soon for another ADYC event.. I think the most tiring part of any trip is the travelling, and this trip was no different... driving around Miri (in Stephen's car some more...) was a bit stressful, since it was night time, and also coz I'm from Brunei ok? hehehe but yeah, don't like flying even if it was a 50 min flight (Miri-Sibu)

Also, I've been smiling a lot since I got back, maybe a psychological thing, not that I'm PSYCHOTIC...and what do I owe my smiley disposition to? My NOHOHON ZOKU! What's that you ask? It's those bobble head toys that people use to relieve stress :) check this out! (copy and paste, i'm still figuring out why I can't put links in my post!)

mine is the one called Flower Pink and two very sweet guys bought it for me hehehe

Thank you Ron and Stephen!

I don't know if I'm smiling coz of the bobble head, or I'm smiling coz I've actually GOT ONE! Always wanted one... and I realized after browsing through various sites, the ones in Brunei are probably FAKES (and so expensive too!)

Camp is coming up in three days... stress, panic, worry... but God says, "Don't worry, I'm always ahead of the game" :) He is amazing!

Here's hoping and praying for a God-filled, life-changing, exciting and super-charged camp! See you guys there!

I'm going...are you?

For more info, pls contact me before Thursday 14th June :)

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007.

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Name: Lorene Anne DOB: 091082 Location: BSB Nick:ba_fly/ying


:: Caroline
:: Chang Huei
:: Ches
:: Chloe, Caleb n Cayley
:: Hann
:: Grace
:: Joel
:: Kim
:: Laurice
:: Leing
:: Nicole
:: Nikki
:: Ping
:: Ron
:: Stephen aka Boss
:: YDM




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