Saturday, February 25, 2006.


Have just got home from another day at 'work'... The past six weeks at SMB has been a tiring experience for me. Sleeping at odd hours of the day, waking up at six in the morning (when I've only just gone to bed two hours before) can really drain a person, physically and mentally. My emotional state of mind at the moment is see-sawing... one minute I'm hyper (I call it my "second wind") the next, I'm all for throwing the book (literally) at the people who are stressing me out at the moment (i.e. my cooperating teachers)!

Other than that, the past few weeks have been peppered with significant moments...some have made me smile, others left me wanting... The Aussies have gone back to their respective unis..missing my girls :( My allowance is out so I'm out of a financial ditch :) I got new kain :) yaye :) I can't remember much now at the moment :P Too much stress is numbing my cerebral neurones :P

Hope everyone's having an awesome 2006 so far :) Happy birthday to Maz (23/02/2006) and Happy National Day too!

September 1996-January 2006

I miss my doggie :~(

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Friday, February 03, 2006.


Hallo everybodeee!!! Sorry haven't updated for such a looong this may be a pretty long post :) To start things off, here's wishing all my Chinese friends a very happy chinese new year, Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Hope you get loads of angpau :)

Something I noticed this year though... The older you get the less ang paus you get...or is this just me? The festive season doesn't appeal as much to me as it did years ago... No more starry-eyed and excited seeing the house being cleaned and decorated for the new year... no more eagerness to go visiting (or maybe I'm just getting LAZY!) I rather stay at home and welcome people :) AND get ang pau also laaaah of course :) AND the food *sigh* the food is ALWAYS good :) hehehe

Did't do much visiting this year...went to Rach's, Sonia's and my Bio lecturer's place...that was about it...sad huh? Mostly stayed in...or went out jln2...

At the moment, I'm having teaching practice at Sekolah Menengah Berakas. The school is HUGE compared to SAS and the teachers there are OK... Students aren't too bad... In between classes when we should be preparing for our next lessons, you can find us at the TP staff room playing Big 2 :P Shhhh!!! Hehehe It's quite fun for me having a big bunch of friends together at the school... never lonely :) My supervisor came last week... Was so worried about it I couldn't sleep the night before...but it went OK but I'm still recovering from the nervousness and feelings of dread :P She's coming again soon you know... Crap...

It's like I'm going in reverse :P My results came out when I was in the Philippines and I did well so praise God :) Am quite happy and I can tell daddy is too although he doesn't show it :) Philippines was great... Shop Shop SHOP!!! But I have to say that if you don't have enough money, it's pure torture! Everything is CHEAP and everything you see, you want to buy! :P Finally got to see my niece, Mathilda Lorene (yes that is her name! :)) She is the cutest little thing! Dimples and chubby cheeks!
Coming back from KK was an adventure... It was raining heavily and we couldn't see in front of us...could have gone straight into the river at the ferry terminal *shudder* ...and i LOVE Brunei roads...Malaysia roads are TERRIBLE! ( sorry malaysians but it's tru!!) reflectors and cat's eyes...the best roads in the world! (not that i've seen all other roads in the world...) Coming into Brunei soil from Lawas was really a relief...

All those little reflectors bouncing light back at us made me think of a verse from Psalms 119:105: 'Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path'... So many times we look for answers to our questions, to problems in our life, in other people, in the things you hear and see on tv or in whatever self-help books you read, when all along, the answer is in the Word of God. That night God reminded me once again that as long as I focus on Him and His Word, He will light the way for me, no matter the storms that surround me in my life... Interesting how a drive in a stormy night could bring up all of that :)

Anyway, this is getting too lengthy so I'm going to stop here for today... Once again, Gong Hei Fatt Choi and happy angpau collecting y'all! :)

Happy birthday to Zaei and Fifi... God bless and enjoy your day guys! xoxo

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