Monday, May 07, 2007.


Apr 25: Zan! Sorry eh gambar ani saja ku ada at the moment :) Thanks for being there when I needed the support. You are a great friend. Now please give me my goddaughter ;) hehehe Aku sama Sonia iski kan shopping untuk baby clothes! :) Love you babe! xoxox
Apr 28: Sonia! My friend from my younger years (when I was still skinny and had straighter hair) Hehe.. Thanks for all the times you stood by me and for supporting me. You are a great friend. Thanks for all the eat-outs and the shopping trips :) Love you very much! xoxox
Also, yesterday I went to Lamunin for Adau Gayoh and I saw my nini who I miss a lot.. and she gave me a HUGE gold pendant and chain... she said it was for my graduation (last year) and she was so sweet and kept telling people I was her cucu... I love my nini :)
What else ah?
Still don't have my voice... hmmmmphhh....
Need to sleep.. *yawn*

11:33 PM

Thursday, May 03, 2007.


Haha , ok not really... The pics you see below of those horrible drivers? Well, I submitted them to and they got posted up.. with my name! A wise (perhaps) friend said to me "cubatah disguise..?!" but if I did, then no one would know if it was me :) But I'm happy hehehe... it's case 226 by the way if you just oh-so-happen to stumble upon the blog :) *self promotion* kekeke

Other than that, I have yet to find a number 2 for "things that annoy me"... I mean, I do get annoyed easily but it won't strike me 'til it just does, if you get my drift...

Oh, I just thought of my NUMBER 2!!



Number 2: People who smoke when there's a "No Smoking" sign

Like, helleeeeerrrr? Are you blind? Illiterate? The sign so blatantly says (and shows in diagrammatic red and black) "No Smoking"

Sure, smoke while I'm eating... I sure love the smell of burnt tobacco infused with the aroma of my well as the AMAZING smell that lingers on my just-washed hair and clothes... Not to mention the smoke-induced cough.. Oh! No trouble at all! *detect the thinly veiled sarcasm!?* Oh, and while you're at it, slowly kill me with your second hand smoke why don't you??

ARGH! People who smoke in restaurants should be BANNED and FINED (and their mouths washed with Dettol) I don't care if they are your customers, it's a LAW ok!? Get it right! Non-negotiable!

And being the I-don't-care-what-you-think kinda person that I am, I will (very loudly) cough and splutter (doesn't matter if it's fake as long as it gets the job done) and comment about how your smoke pollutes my air and makes me SICK. I have gotten a lot of stares and looks on the side for my indirect comments like, " Hey, I thought no smoking allowed arrrhhh???" and "So smelly ah, what's that smell? Someone smoking issit? Aiyeeerrr!!" Needless to say, those inconsiderate smokers will discreetly put out their cigarettes or those who can't afford to stop their puffing hurriedly finish off the half-burnt stick and refrain from lighting another one 'til I walk out :)

What can I say?? :) I hate the smell, I don't like the habit, and I think (no matter what medical evidence you have!) that it is BAD for your health and the people around you!

'Nuff said!

I'm gonna go and figure out how to get this cigarette smell out of my hair now...grrrr!!!

PS To my friends who smoke while I eat, you know I still love you right? :) but I will STILL throw away your packet of ciggys!

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