Thursday, July 29, 2004.

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LOL :)

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A wise person once said to me, "It's sad how nowadays, no one actually uses a blog properly, as in using it to post thoughts and opinions. Now, they just post up stuff about what they did etc etc..." ok so maybe not in THOSE words exactly...but it was somewhat like that :) Kan, R? :)

I, for one, am guilty of such a crime *yikes* but honestly, my brain doesn't work that way LOL i may have lots of opinion and thoughts but most of the time, they are better kept to myself :)

however i've just deleted the post that existed here...why? like i said i guess its better i keep it to myself although i think a few ppl might have read it already...

okie bye!

9:55 AM

Friday, July 23, 2004.

SAC Family Camp at Rihga, Miri Posted by Hello

Colour Ministry Posted by Hello

Us at Pizza Hut Gadong :) Posted by Hello

Just thought i'd post up some photos i just recently developed...out of 36 shots only 25 shots came out...i need to get me a new camera :)

pretty busy day tomorrow...will be at the Berakas Forest Reserve the whole morning til abt 12noon, then i have to be at YDM by three to supervise the printing of the YDM newsletter, then practise for worship, then if everything goes well, i can pop back to the church office and help them with the newsletter...then after YDM we have a practice for the mime...we're performing the mime again this sunday...this sunday is Youth Sunday for the whole Diocese of Kuching so yeah, i probably will stay for the two morning services *groan* thinking abt it just drains me...SAS will have its Sports Day this Sunday...still wondering if i should go or not... wanna see all my friends (well, ex-students..whichever!)and maybe get to run for the 4x100m invitation LOL! :)

pretty beat right now...went to the gym with Rach, then to work, then dinner and now i'm eyes are starting to go blurry on me...eurgh...better go..bye!

7:17 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2004.

The Drama Team for "The Shepherd and His Flock"- Combined Churches Prayer Meeting-9 July 2004 Posted by Hello

Silly girlies Posted by Hello

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Sunday, July 11, 2004.


Chester had a monday night drama...i had a saturday night one :)

went to Humphrey's 18th birthday last was at his i knew that the possiblility of this one person being there would be quite high...and surprise surprise, the person was there...

i thought that the feelings associated with this person had died with my eight year old self and that i would never have to deal with it again..that chapter of my life was closed and sealed...or so i thought...seeing the person again was one thing...talking to them was another...a whole flood of emotions washed over me...anger, hatred, longing, sadness...everything that was kept inside of me all these years came back in full force and i almost screamed...but of course i didnt...i plastered a cheery smile on my face and answered all the questions i was asked and made small talk...

i had so many questions i wanted to ask...why did u abandon me? didn't u want me? did i do something wrong? i had known no other mother than her...ever since i could talk she was my mummy...and she left me...all alone...i had no one...

as she talked, the more my feelings of hurt grew...and yet at the same time...i yearned for her approval, for her acceptance...inside my head i chided myself for being too forgiving...she left me and my father...took whatever money she could and if she had loved me as much as she said she did, she would have come for me...but still, she was mummy...i have never called anyone that even to this day...

my mind was in overdrive but still i steadily talked and answered her questions, smiled at the appropriate times and gave a few appreciative laughs here and there...i still can't believe that some part of me wanted her back...but then i also knew how much hurt she had put me and my father through and i willed myself to be strong...she said how much i had grown, how pretty i was and told me she wished she could have kept me (liar!) but my father wouldnt let her...

then she had to go...all this was in a span of twenty minutes and as she was going, she took me aside in the kitchen and told me, "you know right, Lorene, i have never left you?" how i wanted to scream then in frustration and sadness...i just gave her a smile and said "i know.." but i didnt really...

she had given me three air smacks (the kind where u touch cheeks and kiss the air)that when i saw her, another as she was abt to leave but didnt, and then one more as she was finally leaving...being so close to her made me want to cry and slap her face at the same time...

my dad was worse when he found out she had been there...he went on and on abt how she sold our house, took my piano and sold it...took the rolex and cartier watches he bought for her as wedding presents, his guitar, our inheritance...all gone in the pockets of the rich witch...i had to keep myself from crying as my dad went on and on abt how i HAD to get it back from she left me and him and did not deserve to keep all the gifts he had showered upon her...i'm so glad i didn't tell him i talked to her! :/

i mind's a mess, and my heart hurts...i never thought my heart could hurt so bad...

9:05 PM

Saturday, July 10, 2004.


walking hurts, sneezing hurts, laughing hurts...ouch ouch ouch...gym can really KILL :)
ive never hurt in so many places at the same time before... LOL

went to ubd today...did some work..sort of :) one of my plants worried coz i hadn't the chance to identify it...die die die...

last night's drama was pretty was somethng abt shepherds and sheep...and i was the bad shepherd (there's a good one too) and i had all sorts of ppl come up to me and say "ahah! ur the bad one!" i dunno if its good or bad...them knowing it was me...hahaha

anyway im off to rest..feeling kinda drained right JP tonite..booo...hopefully next time saja...

12:59 PM

Thursday, July 08, 2004.


just got home from the gym with Rach...eurgh...200 sit ups!? i am SO gonna hurt tomorrow! :\ but i'm actually quite pleased with myself...10 mins on the bike, 6 on the treadmill(i stopped after running 800 m-im a fatty i know) and i did just three sets of these weights thingy...and then the sit-ups...pain pain PAIN! argh! :)

this saturday we're off to a bit ticked off abt something but i guess it doesn't matter...much...just asking for a night to spend time with friends...*sigh* it's not so fun to go when the group isn't complete...nuff said...

anyway...i have work tonight...have some papers to mark ahhh!!! better do that now.. laters...

4:32 PM

Monday, July 05, 2004.


If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.
If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.
He sends you flowers every spring, and a sunrise every morning.
Whenever you want to talk, He'll listen.
He could live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart.
What about the Christmas gift He sent you in Bethlehem;
not to mention that Friday at Calvary.
Face it, He's crazy about you!

Have a practice at church tonight for a mime/drama Colours Ministry is presenting at the church leaders meeting on Friday...just looking at my week drains me...tomorrow i have to go to UBD for another PK meeting and i wanna start on my research as well...and then work tomorrow night...Wednesday is hopefully free :) Thursday i have work at night...friday i have work in the afternoon and then the meeting that night...saturday i will probably be out the whole time from three onwards sampai malam...JP!! woohoo! hehehe hopefully a lot of ppl turn up..i'm saving my voice now for a scream fest LOL

just reading what i just wrote, it sounds like my work takes up a lot of time but it actually doesn't...i work 5 hours a week and get paid more than most ppl who work longer hours than i do :) good boss :) hehehe anyway i'm gonna have my din-din now before i leave for church...ohh Steven Ling is leaving today...BYE STEVEN!! ALL THE BEST AND GOD BLESSSS!!! (does he even read this? lol...Esther! Tell your bro!) ;) hehehe...

Rach, you're always welcome :) i'll be waiting for the Tau date *drools* LOL luv u!

6:33 PM

Sunday, July 04, 2004.


haven't blogged in a while...holidays can be such a drag huh? but when it's school time, we start to wish we had holidays...humans can be so fickle :)

didn't really do much the past week...i did manage to go to the gym but only for a while...wasn't too bad...went to do my nails on monday...its sunday now and my nails still look pretty :) we went to tau before the manicure, Rach and I, and we had nachos and curly pig-out LOL also had a look-see for my new laptop...hopefully it will be THIS ONE :)
i also have to start on my dissertation...a rough one anyway..just the intro and methods section...die die die...also had a meeting for this event we're organising for the Pesta Konvo in UBD...had my first meeting with the YDM newsletter team...i told them i'd be the english-corrector hahaha...that's all i can think of right brain's a bit fuzzy...that's what naps can do :) bye for now...

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